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Here we introduce free portfolio WordPress themes which you can use on your new website right away as they are free to download. Portfolio elements in a website is most suitable for freelancers, business who like to display their projects, past works so that the clients can get a taste of your work experience and talent in a short glimpse. Modern business themes may have portfolio feature integrated but here we introduce themes which are specific portfolio only WordPress themes.

Easily add images, content to the new posts and the theme will display the article in a unique gallery style. Images will be the essence for a portfolio theme as seeing is believing for most clients. Either its for individual work showcase or for large company projects these free WordPress portfolio themes will give you a head start and will be your set of basic tools.

Stay tuned for more updates and check related  best free WordPress business themes   and free photography WordPress themes  which we have added recently. Take a look at a few premium WordPress portfolio themes way below if you are still unable to find your portfolio themes from the below link. Let me know your thoughts on these themes. A simple yet powerful theme for multiple purposes which also does much justice to portfolio grid type websites.

This theme is responsive and well coded for fast page loading. This free theme is apt for creative people and businesses. The design of the theme makes it good for photographers, designers, developers and those who wish to showcase portfolios and projects. The reason behind using this theme is to beautify the website and give it a creative look. The homepage has a visual appeal especially for those who are looking for something more conventional.

The use of fluid system for the theme makes it responsive on almost all the different platforms. With this theme, users enjoy complete control over everything on the website starting from the logo to the social icon sections and everything in between.

You will have the ability to check all the changes that you have made on the Live Customizer so that you know how the site looks with the changes. Demo Download. Fukasawa is clean website theme which is created mainly for listing projects of freelancers and authors. This theme has a responsive, retina-ready design, a smooth image gallery slider show along with a fixed sidebar.

This masonry three column layout theme will be great for interior designers, photographers as well. The minimalistic design adopted by this theme makes it attractive for design enthusiasts and collectors who want to showcase their work or collection using this theme. The layout allows you to show your posts, images or videos in a grid very similar to Pinterest. This makes it perfect for sharing content with the world.

The theme also supports image, video and gallery formats. You can present your galleries in an interesting slideshow just above your post which makes even your old posts look lovely. The five custom widgets helps you add a personal touch to your logo and website. It also supports Jetpack Tiles Galleries and Jetpack Infinite Scroll so you will be able to load your new posts without having to reload the page.

With Optimizer promotion of your brand comes effortlessly. You can showcase your work beautifully with this elegant and modern WordPress theme. Building your online presence with Optimizer is definitely easy. There are beautiful images sliders, your logo will be uploaded in seconds, there is a boxed and a full width layout for you to select from and there are over fonts and many colours which can help you showcase your work.

There are some clever customization tools which are going to make your website look visually beautiful. Optimizer is one of the best visual page building WordPress theme which is sure to impress your clients and customers. Hitchcock is a theme mainly used for photographers and designers portfolio websites. It has a responsive website design with infinite scroll, custom header image, gallery support and three column layout design.

Hitchcock makes illustrations, logos and photographs even more enticing with the brilliant way in which it uses single column posts to ensure that all distractions are eliminated and the post gets noticed easily. You will be able to get an overview of your work very easily with the help of the three column grid used in the theme. With a full size background image, you can make a bigger impression on your viewers. Different platforms should not be a problem with this theme either because the layout and the typography scales brilliantly to match different platforms.

You can choose your own accent color, pick the logo you want and also change the background image to something that suits your website. You can easily work on Hitchcock to give it a personal touch. This WordPress theme is one of the best and user friendly for blogging, where user can share their ideas easily in an innovate way.

It is a responsive design, has custom color options, custom header and full width layout. The possibility to stick a favorite article on homepage can be interesting for many bloggers and the rest of the articles follow a two column square tile layout. With the help of the WordPress Customizer using live preview you can explore your options to personalize this theme according to the needs of your website.

It also comes with customer page templates. You will also be able to add social icon menus easily to your website. With the link of your social media added to the theme you will not have to worry about the social media needs of your visitors.

If you will require any kind of help while setting up the website, you can get contextual help by clicking on the help tab which is on the top admin bar. Photographers or collectors who are looking for a clean theme to showcase their photos or collectibles will find Resi to be a great theme.

Needless to say, it is fully responsive which helps you reach a larger audience and it is retina ready too so you do not have to worry about a website that may look awry on some devices. If you plan to put up high resolution photos on your website, then this will suit you perfectly. This easy to use theme has an advantage for photographers and designers in its layout. The way it presents their work makes it enticing for the audience and helps them get more attention.

If you want to display your talent on a website, then Sketch can be a good theme to use. Whether you want to display illustrations or designs or photographs or videos, Sketch is a great theme to consider. The clean and light design of the theme helps the audience focus on your projects.

It minimizes distractions and makes every post stand out for the viewers. Its fully responsive feature ensures that it can adapt to different screen sizes without making your work look unwanted. You can do a lot within sketch. From featured images and the manner in which you present them to you viewers, to a portfolio page, your site logos and social links. Oren uses a clean layout and Jetpack support for good viewer experience. The minimalist look of the theme adds power to your display.

It is absolutely wonderful for portfolio projects. It provides easy navigation between blog posts and author box which is at the end of the articles. You have the opportunity to upload your own logo as well and a lot of features in this theme help you create a personalized look for your website.

This fully responsive theme is really good for showing off your work and attracting viewers. This grid based portfolio theme is meant for creative people. Most of the page has a blocks layout and the site logo along with the navigation are placed down the left of the page.

Electa is a fully responsive theme which is built to perform well on all platforms and adapt easily to a variety of screen sizes. The theme is interesting and is a lot of fun to work with especially if you are brimming with creativity. You will find Electa to be a great theme for portfolios. Those who want to add some style to their website or blogs will find Olivia to be an interesting theme. You will find modern fonts and 7 page layout options. You can upload your own logo and add social media icons using a hover effect.

Olivia is perfect for use for creative people who blog or those who want to display their work. There is a lot of finesse added to the theme which makes it look clean and simple on the outside and makes your work look powerful with the help of its clean layout. A totally free theme made by accesspress and it seems like not many got hold of this theme. This is a unique portfolio theme for any business or individual freelancers with parallax scroll effect and responsive design.

Theme is crafted for creating a business portfolio website and hence lets you add sections to showcase onepage features, for instance a about page, call to action, testimonials, contact pages and more. The fullwidth call to action slider will give a boost in clicks and can be created easily from the customize panel using just section titles, description, url and images. Pine is a minimal build wordpress theme for displaying creative portfolio.

This theme is responsive and has a professional look with which you can build corporate, designer portfolios with ease. Cody is a minimalistic portfolio theme for free use featuring responsive design and eye catching homepage layout.

Build your portfolio with just latest posts and you also get the theme option to choose the category to display on your homepage. A free business portfolio theme for WordPress users with amazing contact and portfolio items showcase all in one page.

This onepage responsive  theme is worth a try for your startup business. Simp is a new theme made free by themeraid for business portfolios and company service showcase. Choose from 4 different portfolio layout styles and shortcodes to add amazing content easily to your pages. A beautiful introduction of portfolio blog for those who have creative ideas to share along with their portfolio showcase. This blog is fully responsive and offers many theme options capability to make easy changes sitewide.

Gallery is a free WordPress portfolio theme for inspiration websites and photography enthusiasts who want a premium look for their website. This theme has a responsive layout with a personal blog layout and also has a slider for internal posts and pages to view multiple images. This minimal theme offers photographers options to upload daily pics, activities in a grid style gallery layout.

The responsive design will keep the website fluid for multiple devices. Apart from that this is nothing more than a fast grid WordPress theme exclusively free for photographers and studios with premium looks. The theme provides a creative way to showcase your latest projects in portfolio style.

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