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Quick Links. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. The temperature selector dial allows you to Materials marked with the symbol are choose personally the suitable washing recyclable. If you sell or give the appliance away, make sure that the book is passed to the new owners so that they can familiarise themselves with its operation and relevant warnings. You are advised to keep all transit devices so that they can be refitted if the machine ever has to be transported again.

Using a spanner, unscrew and remove the rear right-hand bolt and lay the machine on its back, taking care not to squash the hoses. The other end of the inlet hose which connects to the machine can be turned in any direction. Simply loosen the fitting, rotate the hose and retighten the fitting, making sure there are no P By depressing it again the machine Turn this dial to select the washing temperature. Page 9: Washing Hints Washing hints Washing a maximum load makes the most efficient use of water and energy.

Sorting the laundry For heavily soiled laundry, reduce the load size. Follow the wash code symbols on each garment Laundry weights label and the manufacturerÕs washing instructions. Page Detergents And Additives Lipstick: moisten with acetone as above, then Quantity of detergent to be used treat stains with methylated spirits.

Remove any The type and quantity of detergent will depend residual marks from white fabrics with bleach. Page International Wash Code Symbols International wash code symbols These symbols appear on fabric labels, in order to help you choose the best way to treat your laundry.

Page Washing Programmes Energetic programmes for cotton and linen Maximum load: 4. Page 13 Gentle programmes for synthetics, mixed fibres, delicates woollens Maximum load: 2 kg, woollens: 1 kg Possible Progr. Page Operating Sequence Operating sequence Before washing your first load of laundry, we recommend that you run a cotton cycle at 60¡C, with the machine empty, in order to remove any manufacturing residue from the drum and tub.

Pour half a measure of detergent into the main wash compartment and start up the machine. M P 7. At the end of the programme The machine stops automatically, the operating pilot light goes out. Bodywork Clean the outside of the machine with warm water and a neutral, non-abrasive household detergent. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Important: do not use methylated spirits, solvents or similar products to clean the bodywork. Page Drain Filter 4. Drain filter The drain filter collects threads and small objects inadvertently left in the laundry. Check regularly that the filter is clean. Open the filter door. Place a container under the filter and unscrew it.

P P Pull out the filter. Clean the filter under a running tap, then refit it, screwing it fully in. Check that the machine is plugged in and that there is power at the socket. Check that the main fuse has not blown. Check that the machine is not resting against anything. Check that the support feet are resting firmly on the ground.

Check that the laundry is evenly distributed in the drum. This manual is also suitable for: Ews Ew s. Print page 1 Print document 20 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

Quick Links. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Page Installation Page Unpacking. Page Positioning. Page Water inlet. Page Water drainage Page Levelling. Page Electrical connection. Page Page Control panel. Page Washing hints. Page Detergents and additives Page Wash code symbols. Page Washing programmes Page The machine must not touch the wall or other furni- You are advised to keep all packing for re-use in case ture. Page 5: Water Drainage Water drainage Electrical connection The end of the drain hose can be positioned in three Before plugging the appliance into the wall socket, ways: make sure that: Over the edge of a basin at a height of between 60 1.

Page 6: Use Control panel 2 3 4 5 6 1 Detergent dispenser drawer and programme chart 5 «Door open» button Press this button to open the door. Symbols Prewash 6 «Door locked» light Wash This light stays on whilst the door is locked.

The door Fabric softener cannot be opened until the light has gone out. Page 8: Detergents And Additives Detergents and additives Liquid detergents A liquid detergent can be used in the middle compart- Good washing results also depend on the choice of ment of the dispenser drawer as long as you start the detergent and use of the correct quantities to avoid machine up straight away without prewash.

Page 9: Wash Code Symbols Wash code symbols These symbols appear on fabric labels, in order to help you choose the best way to treat your laundry. Strong wash Max. Page 12 «Gentle»programmes for synthetics, mixed fabrics, delicates and wool Max. Select the temperature Turn the dial to the re- quired temperature.

Place the laundry in the drum. Open the loading door by depressing the relevant button. Place the gar- ments to be washed in- side the drum one by one laying them as flat as possible. Check regularly that the filter is gent. If the machine does not start up: If you are unable to identify or solve the problem, con- sult our servicing department.

Before telephoning, check that the door is firmly shut; make a note of the make, model and date of purchase check that the appliance is plugged in of your machine: the Service Department will require check that the mains fuse is intact; Page 17 Print page 1 Print document 17 pages. Cancel Delete.

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