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Quick Links. See also: Infotainment ManualOwner's Manual. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Page 4: Introduction Introduction Introduction The data" as well as on the identification instructions. Page 6 3 means "see page". Disregarding this information may endanger life. Page 7 Introduction Page 8: In Brief In brief In brief Vehicle unlocking Seat adjustment Seat positioning Initial drive information Turn the key in the driver's door lock to the front or press button q to Pull handle, slide seat, release unlock the doors and load handle.

Do not lean on seat Lever pumping motion Press release button, adjust height, when adjusting. Page Seat Belt In brief Seat belt Mirror adjustment Exterior mirrors Setting with four-way switch in Interior mirror vehicles with manual window operation Pull out the seat belt and engage in belt buckle. The seat belt must not be Swivel the lever on the underside to twisted and must fit close against the reduce dazzle.

Page Steering Wheel Adjustment In brief Steering wheel adjustment Setting with four-way switch in vehicles with electronic window operation Unlock lever, adjust steering wheel, then engage lever and ensure it is First select the relevant exterior mirror fully locked. Do not adjust steering then use the control to adjust.

Page 12 In brief Instrument panel overview Page 13 In brief Side air vents Page 14 In brief Page 15 In brief Exterior lighting Lighting 3 Press j. Turn and lane-change signals 3 99, Parking lights 3 Page Climate Control In brief Climate control Transmission Demisting and defrosting the windows Heated rear window, heated Manual transmission exterior mirrors Air distribution to l.

Reverse: with the vehicle stationary, Set temperature control to warmest wait 3 seconds after depressing Heating is operated by pressing the level. Apply as firmly as possible on a downhill slope or uphill slope. To fold the key, first press the button. Page Central Locking System Keys, doors and windows Radio remote control A pull on an interior door handle Unlocking unlocks the entire vehicle and opens synchronisation Central locking system with key the door.

After replacing the battery, unlock the activation door with the key in the driver's door Note lock. Page 25 Keys, doors and windows Central locking system with radio Locking Central locking system with radio remote control remote control Close doors, load compartment and fuel filler flap.

If the driver's door is not closed properly, the central locking system will not work. Central locking system with key activation Press button q. Page 26 Keys, doors and windows Central locking button Fault in radio remote control Fault in central locking system Unlocking Unlocking Turn the key in the driver's door lock as far as it will go. The other doors can be opened by pulling the interior handle not possible if the anti-theft locking system is active.

Page Doors Keys, doors and windows Doors Child locks Insert the key into the opening above the lock on the inside of the door and operate the lock by lifting until it clicks. Load compartment Then close the door. The procedure must be carried out for each door. The Opening driver's door can also be locked from the outside with the key. Page Vehicle Security Keys, doors and windows Vehicle security Note Activating with the remote The installation of certain heavy control accessories onto the tailgate may Anti-theft locking system affect its ability to remain open.

Closing 9 Warning Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked from the inside. Page 29 Keys, doors and windows Unlocking the vehicle deactivates After the first 10 seconds of anti-theft The immobiliser activates itself both systems simultaneously.

Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Exterior mirrors Folding First select the relevant exterior mirror then use the control to adjust. Convex shape Setting with four-way switch in The convex exterior mirror contains vehicles with electronic window an aspherical area and reduces blind operation spots. Page Interior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Interior mirrors Windows Automatic anti-dazzle Manual anti-dazzle Windscreen Heat-reflecting windscreen The heat-reflecting windscreen has a coating which reflects solar radiation.

Also data signals, e. Dazzle from following vehicles at night is automatically reduced. To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on the underside of the mirror housing. Page Power Windows Keys, doors and windows Power windows Windscreen stickers Do not attach stickers such as toll road stickers or similar on the 9 Warning windscreen in the area of the interior mirror.

Otherwise the detection zone Take care when operating the of the sensor and the view area of the power windows. Page Heated Rear Window Keys, doors and windows Heated rear window Operating windows from outside Fault Depending on the equipment level, If the windows cannot be opened or the windows can be operated closed automatically, activate the remotely from outside the vehicle.

Page Roof Keys, doors and windows Roof If the sun visors have integral mirrors, the mirror covers should be closed when driving. Sunroof 9 Warning Take care when operating the sunroof. Risk of injury, particularly to children. Keep a close watch on the movable parts when operating them.

Page 36 Keys, doors and windows Initialising the sun roof Caution If the sunroof cannot be operated, activate the electronics as follows: When using a roof rack, check the with ignition on, close the sunroof and free movement of the sunroof in hold d depressed for at least order to avoid damage.

Child restraints Page Front Seats Seats, restraints Front seats Active head restraints Head restraints on rear seats In the event of a rear-end impact, the Seat position active head restraints tilt slightly forwards. The head is more 9 Warning effectively supported so the risk of whiplash injury is reduced. Set the backrest to an angle so that 9 Danger Seat backrests it is possible to reach the steering wheel with arms slightly bent.

Page Seat Belts Seats, restraints Seat belts Heating Seat belts are designed to be used by only one person at a time. Child restraint system 3 Periodically check all parts of the belt system for damage, pollution and proper functionality. Have damaged components replaced. Page Three-Point Seat Belt Seats, restraints Belt tensioners Triggered belt tensioners must be Withdraw belt from retractor, guide it replaced by a workshop.

Belt untwisted across the body and insert tensioners can only be triggered the latch plate in the buckle. Tension once. Page 43 Seats, restraints Removing seat belt Using the seat belt while 9 Warning pregnant The belt must not rest against hard or fragile objects in the pockets of your clothing.

Height adjustment To release belt, press red button on belt buckle. Page Airbag System Seats, restraints Airbag system wheel, the instrument panel, parts of The front airbag system consists of the panelling, the door seals, one airbag in the steering wheel and handles and the seats replaced. Only then is the airbag able to protect.

Side airbag system The forward movement of the front The risk of injury to the upper body seat occupants is decelerated, and pelvis in the event of a side-on thereby considerably reducing the collision is considerably reduced. Page Airbag Deactivation Seats, restraints Curtain airbag system Airbag deactivation Front airbag and side airbag systems for the front passenger seat must be deactivated if a child restraint system is to be fitted on this seat.

The curtain airbag system, the belt tensioners and all driver airbag systems will remain active. Page Child Restraints Note When using a child restraint Starting the engine terminates system on the front passenger We recommend the Opel child changing of the setting. Check local laws and regulations for mandatory use of child restraint systems. Ensure that the child restraint system to be installed is compatible with the vehicle type.

Ensure that the mounting location of the child restraint system within the vehicle is correct. Page Top-Tether Child Restraint Seats, restraints Isofix child restraint Top-tether child restraint systems systems On the pillar trim of the rear roof and on the attachment points are symbols indicating the attachment eyes on which to mount the child restraint Fasten vehicle-approved ISOFIX Depending on country-specific system.

Page Underseat Storage Storage Underseat storage Rear carrier system Caution Do not attach bicycles with carbon pedal cranks to bicycle carriers. The bicycles might get damaged. Extending Open the tailgate. Page 56 Storage Pull release lever up. The system will not engage correctly, do not fit disengages and travels quickly out of objects to the system and slide the the bumper. Seek the assistance of a workshop. Install the tail lamps Open out the lamp support on the back of the tail lamp completely until it engages.

Page 57 Storage Push the clamping lever down and Lock the rear carrier system Unfold pedal crank recesses push the lamp support into the retainer until it engages. Perform this procedure for both tail lamps. Swivel the left clamping lever 1 first, Fold one or both pedal crank followed by the right clamping lever recesses upwards until the diagonal Page 58 Storage Adapting the rear carrier system to a bicycle Remove the pedal crank mounts from Push the release lever on the strap the pedal crank recesses.

Press the release lever and withdraw the wheel recesses. Page 59 Storage Prepare the bicycle for Attaching a bicycle to the rear attachment carrier system If the bicycle has curved pedal cranks, screw in the pedal crank unit all the way position 1. Note With the rotary lever on the pedal The maximum width for the pedal crank recess, roughly adapt the crank is Page 60 Storage Put on the bicycle. The pedal crank Place the wheel recesses so that the here must be placed in the pedal bicycle is roughly horizontal.

Here, crank recess opening as shown in the the distance between the pedals and illustration. Page 61 Storage the wheel recesses and the rotary Removing a bicycle from the Caution lever on the pedal crank recess until rear carrier system the bicycles no longer touch one Ensure gap between bicycle and another. Make sure there is sufficient vehicle is at least 5 cm. Page 62 Storage Retracting the rear carrier Press release lever and slide in wheel recesses all the way as far as they will system Insert the strap retainer and pull tightly downwards as far as possible.

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