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Quick Links. See also: Owner's ManualUser Manual. Table of Contents. For further details, see "Engine oil and filter" in the. Part No. See the "Tire Information Label" located on the. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Suzuki Super Swift Owner's Manual  pages. Suzuki Swift Owner's Manual  pages. Automobile Suzuki sx4 Owner's Manual 16 pages. Copyright © All Rights Reserved No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Page 3 Please read this manual carefully cial information, the symbol and the tion in this manual and your vehicle. It and NOTE have special meanings. Using these parts and accessories can affect the vehicle performance and shorten its useful life. Engine hood release handle see section 5 2. Engine coolant see section 7 3. Windshield washer fluid see section 7 4. Engine hood P. Windshield wipers P. Frame towing hook P. Front fog lights if equipped P.

Radio antenna P. High-mount stop light P. Rear window wiper P. Fuel filler cap P. Rear combination lights P. Tailgate P. License plate lights P. Power window controls P. Fuses P. Glove box P. Front interior light P.

Sun visor P. Inside rearview mirror P. Cruise control switches if equipped P. Lighting control lever P. Hazard warning switch P. Theft deterrent alarm system if equipped P. Windshield wiper and washer lever P. Instrument cluster P. Seat belts P. Assist grips if equipped P. Side curtain air bags if equipped P. Rear seats P. Luggage compartment cover if equipped P. Luggage compartment light if equipped P.

Luggage compartment hook P. Jack handle P. Towing hook P. Wheel wrench P. Flat tire repair kit P. Keep the tag in a safe place. If tem inspected. Page 26 If the tailgate cannot be unlatched by push- ing the unlatch switch 1have the vehicle inspected by an authorized SUZUKI dealer. To avoid dam- soon as possible for a replacement.

Page 32 For more detailed information ordinary household trash. Swallowing a lithium battery may To replace the battery of the transmitter: cause serious internal injury. Do not allow anyone to swallow a lithium battery.

Keep lithium batteries away from children and pets. If modified or removed, the system cannot be prop- erly operated. Turn alarm system changes from the currently the knob on the lighting control lever to selected one to the other.

It may be necessary to recline the seat- back to provide enough overhead clear- Seatback angle adjustment lever 2 ance to remove the head restraint. Pull the lever up and move the seatback. Doing so may prevent them from functioning properly and cause the risk of severe injury or death in the event of a crash. It also may lock if you pull the belt across your body very quickly. Any seat belt assembly which was in use during a crash other than a very minor one should be replaced, even if damage to the assembly is not obvious.

Page 54 Observe any statutory regulation about Infant restraint - rear seat only child restraints. Many different types of child restraint systems are available; check 80JC When installing a child restraint system, follow instructions below. According to After installation, try moving the child If your vehicle is equipped with the restraint system in all directions especially rear head restraint, adjust the height forward to check that connecting bars are Page 60 if equipped.

The pretensioner is located in each front seat belt retractor. The pretensioner tight Read and follow all instruc- tions carefully to minimize your risk of severe injury or death in the event of a crash. Page 63 Have the air bag system minor frontal crashes, since they would inspected by an authorized SUZUKI dealer offer no protection in those types of acci- as soon as possible.

Since an air bag deploys only one Be aware that no system can prevent all possible injuries that may occur in an accident. However, these might inflate in a strong impact. Adjust your seat as far In a frontal crash, the crash sensors will back as possible while still maintaining detect rapid deceleration, and if the con- control of the vehicle.

Speedometer 2. Tachometer 3. Information display 4. Trip meter selector knob 5. Indicator selector knob 6. Page 78 BEFORE DRIVING Trip meter Instantaneous fuel consumption Average fuel consumption The trip meter can be used to measure the The display shows the value of instanta- If you selected average fuel consumption distance traveled on short trips or between neous fuel consumption only when the the last time you drove the vehicle, the dis- fuel stops.

Fuel gauge 4. Temperature gauge 5. Information display 6. Trip meter selector knob 7. Indicator selector knob 8. Your vehicle has a system to automatically dim the brightness of the instrument panel EXAMPLE lights when the position lights or headlights are on.

A shows the time. The display E shows the trip meter. Refill it as soon as possible. Drive very carefully. Page 96 When the message is displayed even if you start the engine with normal voltage of the vehi- cle battery, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized SUZUKI dealer.

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