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Its siblings with three or five doors were already on the market since While the compact-class was dominated by hatchback vehicles, Opel saw a big interest in the sedan-segment in the East European market. Unveiled during Istanbul's Motor Show ofthe new Opel Astra sedan was quick to continue the automaker's long-ago started winning-car streak.

Specifically engineered for east-European markets, the facelift combines affordability and style with great fuel efficiency and power output. The new model shares the hatchback's long wheelbase Known also as the Astra G, the second generation of the compact-sedan from Opel was introduced in It was a big step ahead of its predecessor, the Astra F. Most of the complaints regarding the previous model were resolved when the second generation of the Astra was introduced in It was improved in all the areas.

It was offered with a new range of engines and better interior materia The body restyling on the Opel Astra sedan facelift was kept at a minimum while the throbbing engines and underpinnings received several upgrades. Equipment levels were raised as was the overall quality of trims. Newer fittings allowed the car to be sold with standard air conditioning. The gasoline engine range was added a new 2-liter with 4-valve cylinder head engine, available with both m Introduced one year after the hatchback release, the Opel Astra sedan was marketed as a medium-class family car.

Blending the sportiness of the compact 3- and 5-door versions, with increased passenger room and trunk volume, the sedan came with a choice of four gasline and two Diesel engines with displacements ranging from cc to cc. The sedan was available in several sporty version All rights reserved. Generations: 5 First production year: Engines: Diesel, Gasoline.