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Bearing all the design cues of the Citroën brand, its styling is a perfect blend of all-terrain muscle, sports-car vitality and luxury-saloon sophistication. Designed without compromise, the C-Crosser is at home on all kinds of terrain in all kinds of weather, thanks to its all-wheel drive system. The C-Crosser is at ease both on the open road and on wilder terrain, pleasant to travel in both alone and with the family, and capacious enough inside for extra friends or for transporting large objects.

This artful blend is also found inside the new SUV. The chrome strips on either side of the number plate, the honeycomb-style air intake grille and the chrome fog lamps bring a touch of elegance to the C-Crosser and confirm its top-of-the-range positioning. With its elegant proportions 4. The rear styling of the C-Crosser is equally dynamic, robust and sophisticated. The wraparound rear bumper is perfectly integrated with the wheel arches, giving the car a powerful, assertive look.

The rear features a chrome strip giving it an elegant aspect. The lights also mix style and functionality. They boast high-tech design, with LEDs on the position and stop lights, while providing optimal lighting and low energy consumption. Brand allegiance is underscored by chrome chevrons and badges, one for Citroën and one for the C-Crosser name, which is also repeated at both the front and the rear, marked under compass dials. The dynamic styling of the C-Crosser exterior continues inside the vehicle.

Each function on the purely designed dashboard is clearly displayed and intuitive to use. The passenger seats also offer plenty of support, and look good, too: Citroën paid close attention to interior finish quality to firmly position the C-Crosser as a top-end vehicle. The grain and soft paint of the dashboard, the special seat upholstery and the luxury door-panel trim create a harmonious, quality feel right down to the smallest detail. The C-Crosser adds the agreeable to the practical with a range of sophisticated equipment for extra onboard comfort.

The C-Crosser features easy-to-use modular design. Occupants can make interior changes both quickly and effortlessly. With its occasional two-seater bench in row three, the vehicle can seat up to seven passengers. The bench folds away completely into the floor for a perfectly flat and impressively capacious loading surface.

Access to row three is made easier by full-tilting, sliding seats in row two and two aluminium-coloured bars attached to the side panels in the boot. Passenger safety is enhanced by two retracting head rests and two safety belts with inertia reels anchored to the pillar. For passenger comfort, the seat backs have three adjustable positions and both parts of the bench feature independent fore-and-aft adjustment over 80 mm. Row two can be manually folded, portfolio-style, against row one, using handles located on either side of the seats, or automatically, with two electric controls on the left-hand and right-hand sides of the boot above the wheel arches.

This folding function provides a large loading surface and a flat floor. Boot volume under the parcel shelf is among the largest in the category. In its most commonly used, 5-seater configuration with row 3 folded awaythe C-Crosser offers litres VDA standard with row 2 seats pushed fully forward, and litres VDA with row 2 seats as far back as possible.

With all the back seats folded away, boot capacity totals 1, litres VDA. Another C-Crosser strong point is its split-opening tailgate. When open, the lower part of the tailgate optimises the advantages of the flat floor of the luggage compartment, as it can be used for sliding in bulky or heavy objects, and even as a seat supporting up to kg. It also makes it easier to load the boot, since it lowers the sill by mm.

When closed, the entire height of the boot, and thus all its load capacity, can be used. The upper part of the tailgate, used regularly, is light and compact for easy use. Yet another practical boot feature is the soft luggage blind, which has two positions to take into account the tilt of the seats in row two. In addition, two aluminium side rails and four lashing hooks can be used for attaching accessories like the separation or storage net.

The spare wheel is placed under the body to free up interior space and also to avoid having to unload the boot to get at the spare wheel. The C-Crosser cabin features a total of 22 stowage compartments, sized and designed with passengers and practicality in mind. At the front, passengers benefit from a closed compartment on the top of the dashboard, along with two glove boxes: the one at the top has a heating or cooling function depending on whether the occupants are heating or air conditioning the cabin and a knob to switch this system off; the other boasts large capacity and can be locked.

The central arm rest features fore-and-aft adjustment sliding 65 mm with a simple push or pull and a splitopening function. The generously sized lower part houses a volt socket, while the upper section can hold small objects. Both front doors are fitted with cubbies and a bottle holder. There is also a range of stowage compartments for everyday objects, such as glasses, pens, cards and cups, along with a removable ashtray.

The middle seat in row two contains an arm rest with two cup holders. The front seats get map pockets, while those in the back have cubbies with space for a bottle. Passengers in row three benefit from a stowage compartment located on the right wheel arch. The boot is equipped with two storage bins placed behind the wheel arches. The left-hand bin houses the subwoofer for the optional top-end stereo system, while the right-hand bin is for the spare wheel tools.

To enhance onboard comfort, the C-Crosser is available with a broad range of high-tech equipment. With this option, the driver can make a call by using the voice recognition function in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish or the dedicated controls located on the steering wheel, to pick up and hang up. The C-Crosser is a pleasure to drive with its vivacious, environmentally-friendly diesel engine, and boasts responsive, dynamic road manners.

Always a Citroën strong point, the running gear of the C-Crosser provides an excellent trade-off between comfort and roadholding. With its 2. It develops bhp at 4, rpm and a full Nm of torque at 2, rpm, while boasting fuel consumption of 7. This combination cuts pollutant emissions and fuel consumption while improving performance.

The engine also gets two balancer shafts that significantly limit vibrations and increase driving pleasure. Particular attention was also paid to soundproofing the engine compartment for a peaceful interior ambience. The vehicle is fitted with MacPherson-type suspension at the front and multi-link axles combined with a large track and a 20 mm anti-roll bar at the back, for enhanced vehicle stability and active safety.

The multi-link rear axle and its geometry provide excellent comfort by maintaining load height. The C-Crosser thus combines a top-flight ride with impeccable roadholding for segment-leading driving pleasure and handling. The centering, linearity and elasticity of the steering system have also been engineered to optimise comfort, whatever the road surface.

The C-Crosser features hydraulic variable-assistance power steering with a decreasing-flow pump, thus linking the system to engine speed. To round out its road prowess, the C-Crosser has an aluminium roof weighing 5 kg less than a metal equivalent and lowering the centre of gravity by 4 mm. The C-Crosser brakes were developed to respect Citroën standards on brake pedal feel in terms of bite, pedal pressure and efficiency.

Standard equipment also includes the Electronic Stability Program ESPwhich can be deactivated using a button on the fascia band to the left of the steering wheel. It is coupled with traction control to prevent skidding. Considerable effort was devoted to the structure of the C-Crosser in order to comply with the most stringent passive safety assessment standards.

The structure was reinforced using high-strength steel to limit deformation in the event of impact. The front side members were specially designed to absorb energy, as were the padding and the reinforcing beams in the doors, contributing to occupant protection in the event of side impact.

To limit the consequences of pedestrian impact, the C-Crosser is fitted with:. The two front airbags are adaptive, with deployment pressure and volume correlated with the severity of the impact. The passenger airbag can be deactivated using the ignition key, in order to install a child seat at the front. An indicator on the instrument cluster informs the driver that the airbag has been deactivated. Driver and front passenger belts also feature pyrotechnic pretensioners and load limiters, to reduce pressure on the chest in the event of impact.

If front passengers are not buckled up or safety belts are unfastened in row two during the journey, an alarm is signalled and a message appears on the instrument cluster. Finally, Isofix anchor points are available for fixing child seats to the side seats in row two. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Read More. What do you think? Car Finder:. Citroen C-Crosser. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:. About US. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.

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Nagyon alacsony folyáspont. Nagy magas hőmérsékleti stabilitás jellemzi. Kitűnő kenési tulajdonságokkal rendelkezik. Hozzájárul a komfort növeléséhez Eladó Citroen C5 2. RHX motorkódos. A hidraulika nem emel. Habár nagynak mutatja magát főleg a magasan lévő motorháztető és a szűkre húzott szélvédő miattvalójában ez az a klasszikus SUV méret, ami a leginkább praktikus a hétköznapokban. Citroen C5 Aircross Citroen Magyarország. A kiegyensúlyozott összhatáshoz nagyban hozzájárul a magas motorháztető, az úttal párhuzamos övvonal, a plasztikus idomok és a töretlen vonalú, organikus formák Motorháztető védő Berendezések és kiegészítők.

Citroën C5. Mennyiség: Sledujte nás na Facebooku. Az új zászlóshajó, a legutóbbi Citroën modellekkel szoros rokonságot mutató C5 Aircross egy határozott és egyedi karakterrel bíró, új generációs SUV, mely maximálisan szem előtt tartja az ügyfelek elvárásait. A céget André Citroën alapította fogaskerekek gyártására. A cég emblémájában ma is látható fordított kettős V-alak az alapító nyílfogazású fogaskerék-szabadalmára utal. Az első autó ben készült el.

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A kényelem jegyében fogant utastérben az erő és a tágasság érzése dominál. Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid - Bólogatás és röhögőgörcs 13,3 másodpercben Teszt: Citroën C3 83 Puretech - A motorháztető biztonsági rögzítője meghibásodhat Citroën C5 CrossTourer tesztautónkba 2. Mindez a duplaturbós kialakításnak is köszönhető, csakúgy, mint a tekintélyes, Newtonméteres csúcsnyomaték, melyet már es percenkénti.

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