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Quick Links. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Huawei Share uses Bluetooth to detect nearby Huawei devices and Wi-Fi to quickly transfer files without using mobile data. Select the receiving device from the list of nearby devices to send the file. Use Huawei Share to receive files: Swipe down from the status bar, open the shortcuts panel, and then touch to enable Huawei Share. However, kids may sometimes gain access to inappropriate information or indulging apps that turn playing into endless worries.

With Kids Corner, you can integratedly manage the usage time of your child's Tablet and limit the types of apps he or she can download and install. Want to prevent your child from indulging in his or her Tablet? With Parental control, you can supervise how your child uses his or her Tablet such as managing the available apps, images, and multimedia your child would have access to, limiting the daily durations and number of times you would allow your child to access his or her Tablet, as well as enabling resting periods through simple settings.

Page 9: More Features Exciting Features Prevent third-party charges: Touch Settings, and enable Disable outgoing messages to prevent your child from misusing third-party apps that may lead to accidental charges such as through text messages. This feature is not supported on Wi-Fi only tablets. Page 10 Exciting Features Assess the quality of available networks: Evaluate currently available network hotspots and prevent your device from automatically connecting to networks with no Internet connection.

Do you want to clean up your system storage but are unsure which files to delete? Memory cleanup helps you quickly clear your cache, large and residual files, and unused app files to speed up system performance and keep your Tablet in top shape.

Page New Device No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. The product described in this manual may include copyrighted software of Huawei and possible licensors. Customers shall not in any manner reproduce, distribute, modify, decompile, disassemble, Page 12 Huawei shall not be responsible for the legality, quality, or any other aspects of any software installed on this product, or for any uploaded or downloaded third-party works in any form, including but not limited to texts, images, videos, or software etc.

You can use your Tablet's scrolling screenshot feature to take a screenshot that scrolls down to the bottom of the page, capturing all the information on the page in a single screenshot. Page 16 Gestures and Operation Record Exciting Moments on Your Screen The screen recording feature comes in handy when you are making tutorial videos or want to record exciting gaming moments on your Tablet. Screen recording will end if you make or answer a call.

Use shortcut to start recording: Swipe down from the status bar and open the shortcuts panel, then touch to start recording the screen. Page 17 Gestures and Operation You can view screen recordings in Gallery. Take a Screenshot of Your Entire Screen Use combo key to take screenshot: Simultaneously press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button to take a screenshot of the full screen.

Use shortcut switch to take screenshot: Swipe down from the status bar and open the shortcuts panel, then touch to take a screenshot of the full screen. You can enable frequently used features by using shortcut switches. Rearrange shortcut switches Display all shortcut switches Touch and hold to Touch the shortcut enter settings Notification and Status Bar Understanding Status Bar Icons Use the status bar to view connection information, check the remaining battery level, and check for new notifications.

Page 20 Home Screen Vibration mode enabled Battery low Alarms activated No SIM card found Battery full Notification icons: Notification icons are displayed on the left-hand side of the status bar when you receive a new message, notification, or reminder. Missed calls New emails Downloading data Uploading data Customize Notifications to Your Liking Not a fan of the default notification reminders? You can customize notification reminders so that you get notifications the way you want them.

Page 22 Home Screen Tablet. A lock screen password helps to protect your private information if your Tablet is lost or accessed by an unauthorized user. You can move or delete icons from the home screen or sort and move them to folders for more convenient use. Move a home screen icon: From the home screen, touch and hold an app icon until your Tablet vibrates, then drag it to any position on the home screen. Page 24 Home Screen Add or delete app icons from a folder: Open the folder, touchselect or deselect apps as required and then touch OK.

The selected apps will be automatically added to the folder while the deselected apps will be removed from the folder. Another way to remove an app icon from a folder is to touch and hold the icon in the folder until your Tablet vibrates, and then drag it to the home screen. Want an easier way to share your Tablet contacts with friends? Business card management allows you to conveniently add and share business cards. Page Search Contacts Contacts Share contacts: Open Contacts, select the contact you want to share, and touch the QR code icon in the upper right corner to share the contact using the QR code.

You can also touch Share contact, select a sharing method, and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the sharing process. Page Managing Contacts Open Files to view exported files. You can also import or export contacts using the Backup feature. Manage Your Contacts The Contacts app gives you a host of features for managing your contacts. Page 28 Contacts Send a message to smart group contacts: From the groups list, from the Smart groups section, open a group and touch to send a message or to send an email.

Edit a group: From the groups list, select the group you want to edit and touch to add a contact, or touch to Remove members, Group ringtone, Delete group or Rename. Page Dialing Dialing Basic Calling Functions Make Calls On the dialer screen, enter part of the telephone number or the first letter or pinyin initials of the contact's name.

Your Tablet will automatically search for the relevant contacts. Calling services are not supported on Wi-Fi only tablets. Open Dialer. Page 30 Dialing Enable Call Forwarding and Never Miss a Call If you are unavailable to answer a phone call, you can set your device to forward all your calls to another number. Some carriers may not support this feature. Open Dialer and touch to hide the dialpad. You can now perform one of the following: Delete a single record: Touch and hold an entry, then touch Delete entry.

Delete multiple records: Touchselect the entries you want to delete or touch Select all, then touch Page Message Message Basic Messaging Functions Send Messages Text messages give you a quick and easy way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. In addition to text, you can also add emojis or insert pictures and audio files to enrich your messages.

SMS services are not supported on Wi-Fi only tablets. Page 33 Message Pin to top: Want to pin an important message to the top of the list? From the list of messages, touch and hold a message to select it, then touch. Pinned messages will be displayed below notification messages. Basic photo mode: Open Camera and in the viewfinder, touch to take a picture. You can also configure the Volume down button to work as a shutter button for your camera.

Select a photo mode: From the viewfinder, swipe right to enter the photo mode screen. Touch to start recording a video. Take a picture while recording a video: You can touch when recording a video to take a picture. Page 36 Camera Use an Assistive Grid to Help You Compose Your Photos If you don't know where to place the subject in your photos, try using the assistive grid feature to improve your composition.

To select an assistive grid, open Camera and swipe left on the viewfinder to open the Settings screen. Beauty mode lets you adjust a range of beautification settings with ease. It can also create a personalized beauty information database tailored to you. If you take a selfie at night or in low light conditions, your Tablet will detect the low ambient light and automatically enable Night mode to improve the quality of selfies.

After adjusting, touch to take photos in Beauty mode. Enable Perfect selfie mode and customize beauty parameters: Open Camera, touch then swipe left on the screen to enter Camera settings. Touch Perfect selfie, then enable Perfect selfie.

Your photos and videos are stored in Gallery. You can view them by time, location, or by selecting an album. Select the images or videos that you want to add to the new album. Move photos or videos: Combine photos and videos from separate albums for easier viewing. Do you worry that it might be vulnerable to malware and other security threats? Use one-touch optimization to make your Tablet run smoother and protect it from security threats.

Power saving features can help to prolong the battery life of your Tablet, allowing you to play games or enjoy other features for longer. Open and touch remaining to perform the following: View power consumption details: Touch Battery usage to view power consumption details.

Choose the appropriate power saving mode based on your Tablet's battery level to extend battery life. Adjust screen resolution to save power: Enable Smart resolution. Your device will automatically lower the screen resolution to save power. You can also manually set the screen resolution to save power when high resolution is unnecessary.

If you have questions about specific settings while configuring your email, please consult your email account provider. Add a personal email account: Openselect an email service provider or touch Others, enter your email address and password, then touch Sign in and follow the onscreen instructions to configure your account.

You can add important contacts to the VIP list. Calendar provides you with comprehensive event management, making your professional and personal lives easier. Calendar provides the following functions: Meeting reminders: Worried about missing an important work meeting? Add your work email Exchange account in Calendar to check meeting reminders and receive a reminder from your Tablet before the meeting begins.

Page Import To-Dos To Keep Your Work Organized Calendar Switch between year, month, week, day and Add new event schedule view Search events Go to today Today Events for the day Events for the currently displayed day Week Currently number displayed day Create an event: Open Calendar, touchenter your event information including title, location, and start and end times.

Download your destination country's holiday information ahead of time to better plan your work and schedule. Page Clock Clock Use the Clock With many powerful features and lots of information, the humble Clock has a lot to offer.

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Basierend auf Android 8. Ihre Anwendungen werden schneller geladen und laufen ohne unerklärliche Pausen. Children's Corner bietet Kindern einen lustigen Ort zum Spielen und Lernen mit vielen speziell entwickelten Anwendungen. Verwalten Sie ganz einfach, welche Anwendungen Ihre Kinder verwenden können und wie viel Zeit sie mit dem Tablet verbringen, indem Sie die Zugriffseinstellungen für Ihre Kleinen anpassen.

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