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We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money. The iPhone 8 is a good phone — very good in certain respects — but it also feels like it was the forgotten child. For anything else, it might be worth going for the iPhone XR instead. Subscribe to our newsletter.

The iPhone 8 is now available without a contract directly from Apple for £ You might be able to pick it up cheaper through other sellers or on contract. Still, the iPhone 8 is still getting updates — including the latest Dark Mode -infused iOS 13 — and takes good photos. Related: Best iPhone Deals. The iPhone 8 represents the most refined take on the design Apple first offered up with the iPhone 6, back in For one the phone looks and feels more balanced, and although it adds a little weight, it also improves grip, which is no bad thing.

The added grams are less welcome on the Plus model but here, it feels just right. Related: Best smartphone. The obvious downside with glass is its fragility. Related: Apple Watch 5 review. It also retains the exceptional Taptic engine that provides thoroughly satisfying nudges and buzzes throughout the operating system. There are three colour options for the iPhone 8 — not the five of the iPhone 11 or XR — but the gold is easily my favourite.

Related: Best wireless headphones. However, there is actually plenty to like here, and the few changes Apple has made do make a noticeable difference in use. The main upgrade is True Tone, which first debuted on the 9. It sounds minimal, but it really does work to soften the blue tones in the display, with the end result making it more comfortable on the eyes. Related: Best iPhone. The rest of the display specs remain the same as before.

Related: iPhone XR vs iPhone The resolution can make photos look slightly grainy but it remains one of my favourite displays for colour reproduction, and the support for the DCI-P3 wide colour gamut makes a huge difference in supported content. It also excels for use in super-sunny conditions — an area in which OLEDs often suffer. Is the lack of a gigabyte evident? The iPhone 8 is just as competent at holding apps in memory as the 8 Plus, and it feels as though the extra memory is mainly present for the intensive camera modes.

The A11 Bionic is a six-core processor, with two high-power and four low-power cores that churn through absolutely anything with ease. In benchmarks, it picked up a score of in the multi-core Geekbench 4 test, which comfortably beats off any of the Android competition. I do wish that with all this power at their disposal, app developers would do more to make the most of it all.

A big push with iPhone 8 and, specifically, iOS 11 is augmented reality ARwhich layers graphical elements over the real world. There are already a few apps that use this feature — the IKEA app lets you place furniture around the home, for example — but they all appear to run just as well on an iPhone 6S as they do on the iPhone 8. More noticeable are the improved front-facing stereo speakers. Call quality, too, is excellent, as is cellular and Wi-Fi reception.

It also seems safe to say Apple will allow you to install iOS 14 next year, though of course, this is far from being confirmed yet. Related: How to update apps in iOS The biggest update though is the addition of Dark Mode. Enable this and the whole UI will turn from white to grey, making it much easier on the eyes. Related: Best camera phones.

Photos taken with the iPhone 8 look great. This deep saturation trick is used a lot by Samsung, and it feels like Apple is following suit. Exposure is balanced well thanks to the auto-HDR mode. Where the iPhone 8 seems to impress the most is in textures. The way it captures the tiny scrapes in metal, dust on bricks and individual hairs on a head is fantastic. Being able to shoot more frames per second gives footage a smoother look and is especially great for shooting motion, such as sports.

Dialling it back to 24fps achieves a more cinematic feel. Note that you do notice the lack of OIS on the secondary camera when recording at 60fps. I also still believe that the Google Pixel 2 does a better job of stabilising video overall than the iPhone 8. Another first, for a phone at least, is slow-motion recording at fps in p. When Trusted Reviews reviewed the iPhone 7, Evan Kypreos found the poor battery life to be the single biggest reason to avoid the device.

The iPhone 8 manages to last the day, although I say that with some caveats. I ran a few basic side-by-sides tests with an iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 8 came out on top in all them. Obviously, batteries get worse over time and the 6S used here has been constantly worn down over more than 12 months, so that will affect its score. The iPhone 8 still charges via a Lightning cable and you get the same 5W plug in the box.

If you want to ditch the Lightning cable completely, the iPhone 8 supports Qi wireless charging through the Qi standard. This is the same method that Android phones have used to charge wirelessly for years. Wireless charging is about as slow as using the included wall plug, but there will be an update later in the year that will unlock slightly faster 7. For anything else it might be worth going for the iPhone XR instead.

Home Reviews iPhone 8. Could the iPhone 9 look just like the iPhone 8 pictured? Verdict The iPhone 8 is a good phone — very good in certain respects — but it also feels like it was the forgotten child. Pros Great camera Blazingly fast Colourful display Wireless charging is a nice extra. Cons Dated design Battery life could be better That huge bezel. Key Specifications 4. Colours look great. You can focus accurately even up close. Landscape pictures look great.

Trusted Score. Score in detail Performance General Operating System iOS. Screen Size inches Inch 4. CPU A11 Bionic. Max Parker. Deputy and mobile editor. Max joined Trusted Reviews as a features writer in ….

You can pre-order now and it's set to come out on November 3. While — if you were feeling blunt — you could call the iPhone 8 more of the same from Apple, the iPhone X is packed full of new tech from an all-screen front to the Face ID scanner. From the back or side you might not see too much difference between these two phones. They both have a glass back and a metal frame and both are available in Space Grey or Silver though the iPhone 8 is also available in Gold. But flip the phones over and the difference is obvious.

The iPhone X has a screen-filled front with just a tiny notch at the top housing its fancy new camera, while the iPhone 8 has large bezels above and below the display, with the lower one housing the home button and Touch ID fingerprint scanner — a feature lacking from the iPhone X. Other differences come in the form of their weight and dimensions, as while the iPhone X is So the iPhone X is longer, wider, thicker and heavier than the iPhone 8, but not by as much as you might expect given the size of the screen more on that below One key way in which the phones are the same, though, is their dust and water resistance, as both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are IP67 certified, meaning they can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

The iPhone X has a 5. The iPhone X has a 1, x 2, resolution for a pixel density of pixels per inch, while the iPhone 8 is x 1, and pixels per inch. But both phones sport True Tone technology, allowing them to automatically adjust their white balance based on your surroundings and improve the picture.

The iPhone 8 uses the familiar Touch ID fingerprint scanner, built into a circular home button, while the iPhone X uses facial recognition, with a new system called Face ID. However, the way you interact with the phones differs slightly, as on the iPhone X there are gesture controls in place of the physical home button found on the iPhone 8.

We won't know how much RAM is in the iPhone X until we see some teardowns of the product after it's released, but it'll make sense for Apple to include more RAM in the top-end phone. The iPhone X has a 12MP dual-lens camera incorporating both a wide-angle and a telephoto lens, while the iPhone 8 has a 12MP single-lens camera. We won't know for certain which one has the best battery until we get to properly test the battery on the iPhone X in our upcoming full review.

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