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Quick Links. See also: Infotainment ManualOwner's Manual. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Opel Zafira Tourer Owner's Manual  pages. Page 4: Introduction Introduction Introduction Page 5: Using This Manual Operation is prices. Experienced mechanics Introduction similar for right-hand drive vehicles.

Page 6 3 means "see page". Disregarding this information may endanger life. Page 7 Introduction Page 8: In Brief In brief In brief Vehicle unlocking Seat adjustment Seat positioning Initial drive information Press button c to unlock the doors and load compartment.

Open the Pull handle, slide seat, release doors by pulling the handles. To open handle. Page 9 In brief Seat backrests Seat height Seat inclination Pull lever, adjust inclination and Lever pumping motion Lever pumping motion release lever.

Page Head Restraint Adjustment In brief Head restraint adjustment Seat belt Power seat adjustment Operate switch 1: Press release button, adjust height, Pull out the seat belt and engage in engage. Page Mirror Adjustment In brief Mirror adjustment Steering wheel adjustment Exterior mirrors Interior mirror Unlock the lever, adjust the steering Select the relevant exterior mirror and wheel, then engage the lever and adjust it.

To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on ensure it is fully locked. Page 12 In brief Instrument panel overview Page 13 In brief Power windows Page 14 In brief Rear fog light Page 15 In brief Page 17 In brief Horn Turn and lane-change signals Hazard warning flashers Operated with the ¨ button. Turn and lane-change signals 3Parking lights 3 Page Washer And Wiper Systems In brief Washer and wiper systems Windscreen and headlight Rear window wiper washer Windscreen wiper Press the rocker switch to activate the rear window wiper: Pull lever.

Page Climate Control In brief Climate control Rear window washer Demisting and defrosting the windows Heated rear window, heated exterior mirrors Push lever. Press button V. Washer fluid is sprayed on the rear window and the wiper wipes a few Set the temperature control to the The heating is operated by pressing times.

Activate the manual parking brake without pressing the release button. Apply as firmly as possible on a downhill slope or uphill slope. Depress foot brake at the same time to reduce operating force. Page 22 In brief If the vehicle is on a downhill slope, engage reverse gear or set the selector lever to P before switching off the ignition.

Turn the front wheels towards the kerb. To fold the key, first press the button. Page Central Locking System Keys, doors and windows Memorised settings Central locking system Unlocking Whenever the key is removed from Unlocks and locks doors, load the ignition switch, the following compartment and fuel filler flap.

Page 26 Keys, doors and windows The setting can be saved for the key Unlocking and opening the being used. Memorised settings tailgate 3 Locking Close doors, load compartment and fuel filler flap. Press the e button to lock. Press the c button to unlock. Press button c when the ignition is off.

Page Automatic Locking Keys, doors and windows Fault in radio remote control Fault in central locking system the ignition key is removed manual transmission or the selector lever is system Unlocking moved to P position automatic transmission.

Manually unlock the driver's door by Unlocking turning the key in the lock. Page Doors Keys, doors and windows Doors Closing 9 Warning Load compartment Use the child locks whenever children are occupying the rear Tailgate seats. Opening Using a key or suitable screwdriver, turn the child lock in the rear door to the horizontal position.

The door cannot be opened from the inside. Page Vehicle Security Keys, doors and windows Vehicle security General hints for operating Activating tailgate Anti-theft locking system 9 Danger 9 Warning Do not drive with the tailgate open or ajar, e. The doors gases, which cannot be seen or cannot be unlocked from the Page 30 Keys, doors and windows Activation Activation without monitoring of 1.

Close tailgate, bonnet and windows. Press button o. LED in the the system button o illuminates for a maximum of 10 minutes. Page 31 Keys, doors and windows Status during the first 30 seconds of The alarm can be silenced by If the control indicator d flashes when anti-theft alarm system activation: pressing any button on the radio the ignition is on, there is a fault in the remote control or by switching on the system; Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Exterior mirrors Select the relevant exterior mirror by Electric folding turning the control to left L or right R.

Then swivel the control to adjust Convex shape the mirror. The convex exterior mirror contains In position 0 no mirror is selected. Page Interior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Interior mirrors Heated mirrors Automatic anti-dazzle Manual anti-dazzle Dazzle from following vehicles at Operated by pressing the Ü button.

Heating works with the engine To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on running and is switched off the underside of the mirror housing. Page Windows Keys, doors and windows Windows Windscreen stickers Keep a close watch on the Do not attach stickers such as toll windows when closing them. Windscreen road stickers or similar on the Ensure that nothing becomes windscreen in the area of the interior trapped in them as they move.

Page 35 Keys, doors and windows Pushing or pulling firmly to the second Child safety system for rear detent and then releasing: window windows moves up or down automatically with safety function enabled. To stop movement, operate the switch once more in the same direction.

Safety function If the window glass encounters resistance above the middle of the Page Heated Rear Window Keys, doors and windows Heated rear window Initialising the power windows If the sun visors have integral mirrors, the mirror covers should be closed If the windows cannot be closed when driving. Page Roof Keys, doors and windows Roof Safety function If the sunblind encounters resistance Glass panel during automatic closing, it is immediately stopped and opened again.

Panorama roof Function standby In ignition switch position 1 the sunblind is operational 3 Initialising after a power failure After a power failure, it may only be possible to operate the sunblind to a Button Page 38 Keys, doors and windows 4. Press button G open gently to the first detent until the sunblind is completely opened. Press button H close gently to the first detent until the sunblind is completely closed. After this procedure, the sunblind is initialised with safety function activated.

Airbag system Thus the head is supported so that the risk of whiplash injury is reduced. Note Approved accessories may only be attached if the seat is not in use. To adjust horizontally, pull the head Height adjustment restraint forwards. Page 42 Seats, restraints Seat backrests Seat height 9 Warning Never store any subjects under the seats.

Seat positioning Pull lever, adjust inclination and Lever pumping motion release lever. Page 43 Seats, restraints Seat inclination Lumbar support Adjustable thigh support Lever pumping motion Adjust lumbar support using the four- Pull the lever and slide the thigh way switch to suit personal support. Seat inclination Seat height 9 Warning Care must be taken when operating the power seats.

There is a risk of injury, particularly for children. Objects could become trapped. Keep a close watch on the seats when adjusting them. Adjust lumbar support using the four- Pull the lever and slide the thigh way switch to suit personal support. Overload Moving support up and down: push If the seat setting is electrically switch up or down. Page 46 Seats, restraints Armrest FlexConsole armrest Base armrest Press fastenings inward and fold down locking mechanism at the rear The armrest can be moved in a centre end of the armrest.

Pull the handle to slide the armrest. The armrest can be slid forwards. Under the armrest there is a storage There are two storages, a storage drawer. Page Rear Seats Seats, restraints Rear seats Pull the handle in front of the armrest Seat heating is operational when and slide armrest rearwards out of the engine is running and during an console. Second row seats Installation in reverse order.

Stop-start system 3 Page 48 Seats, restraints Easy entry function To permit an easy entrance to the seats of the third row, the outer seats of the second row can be tilted. Pull release lever, fold backrest and move the seat to the front. Pull handle, slide seat, release Pull the strap, adjust inclination, handle and allow seat to engage. Page 49 Seats, restraints Normal seats, all three seats are usable and individually adjustable.

Lounge seats, only outer seats are usable but with most comfortable adjustment. Engage backrest if seats in the third row are not parts in armrest position.

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A Kezelési útmutató könnyen érthető és átlátható szerkezetű. Követők 0. Előző bejegyzés Astra F kezelési könyv. Következő bejegyzés Calibra kezelési könyv. Kép beszúrása URL-ről. Legújabb Blog bejegyzések. Békés, boldog karácsonyi ünnepet kívánunk mindenkinek! Frissült a fórum! Kedves klubtagok! Megváltozik a MOTE klubkártya! MOTE találkozók Nem tudja valaki megmondani, hogy az EGR szelephez milyen Torx való? Azt tudom, hogy külső torx de azt nem, hogy hanyas. Le kellene vennem az EGR szelepet de ránézésre nem tudom sajnos kitalálni a méretét.

Fedélzeti computer, automenedzsment - épített megoldások, extrák. Köszi a gyors választ, innen módosítok most: elképzelhető, hogy még vagy 50 másikhoz ugyanez van, de így néz ki az én távirányítóm is csak feketében piros helyett. Utánfutóhoz nem tartozhat a led, mivel nincs vonóhorog és nem is volt, a JSZP lekérdezés alapján. Nyomja meg egyszer az ott található mikrokapcsolót! Ekkor a rendszer belép a kódtanítási módba. Ezután nyomjon le bármilyen gombot a távadón.

Az index felvillan, ami azt jelenti, hogy az első távadót sikeresen párosította. Ismételje meg ezt a műveletet a további távadó tanításához. Legfeljebb 4 távadó párosítható, az ötödik megkezdett tanítással törli a régebbit. A led vagy utólagos riasztó, vagy utánfutó index visszajelzés. Az utólagos távirányítók ritkán tanítósak. Gyanús hogy simán elromlott. Utólagos riasztó központi egysége a motortérben esélyes. Sziasztok, remélem jó helyre írok. Adott egy G astra amit úgy vettem, hogy nem a gyári távirányítóval záródik a központi zár hanem van mellé 2db "univerzális" távirányító.

Az a gondom, hogy az az egyik teljesen jó, ajtókat zárja, felvillannak az indexek, a másikban le volt merülve az elem, raktam bele másikat de nyilván most újra kéne tanítani. Fogalmam nincs milyen tipusú készülék lett beszerelve, meg annyira nem értek hozzá, hogy egyáltalán hová lehet elrejtve. Van valami szokásos hely ahová ezeket beszerelik? Onnan meg tudnám nézni a pontos tipusát és akkor már biztos találok hozzá leírást is.

Az is fura, hogy van a kormány mögött egy utólag beszerelt LED ami nem kezd villogni, szóval lehet nem is riasztós csak központi zár, bár akkor meg nem tudom minek a LED? Astra G tulajdonosok beszélgetnek erről-arról. Elvileg egy csövet kell ráhúzni a csonkra. Azért csak elvileg mert még nem csináltam, majd a nyáron a  vezérlés cserekor.