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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Combination headlamps and dipper switch p. Page 4 Overview 1. Hazard warning flasher switch p. Rear window demister switch p. Utility box p. Ventilators p. Page 6 Overview 1. Page 7 4. Page 8 2. Page 9 Overview Interior Single cab E 1. Room lamp p.

Digital clock p. Inside rear-view mirror p. Sun visors p. Page 10 Overview 1. Seat belts p. Head restraints p. Page 11 Overview Interior Club cab E 1. Room lamp rear p. Page 12 Overview 1. Page 13 Overview Interior - front area Double cab E 1. Sunglasses holder p. Personal lamps p. Page 14 Overview 1. Room lamp front p. Page 15 Overview Interior - rear area Double cab E 1.

Bottle holder p. Cup holder p. Armrest for rear seat p. Rear seats p. Page 16 Overview 1. Seat belts for rear seats p. Jack p. Page 17 Overview Exterior - front Single cab E 1. Wiper and washers p. Antenna p. Outside rear-view mirrors p. Fuel tank filler door p. Locking and unlocking p. Side turn-signal lamps p. Page 18 Overview Exterior - rear Single cab E 1. Rear turn-signal lamps p.

Stop and tail lamps p. Reversing lamps p. Tyre inflation pressures p. Page 19 Overview Exterior - front Club cab E 1. Page 20 Overview Exterior - rear Club cab E 1. Page 21 Overview Exterior - front Double cab E 1. Page 22 Overview Exterior - rear Double cab E 1. Page 24 General information Fuel selection Page 26 General information 2. The fuel tank filler is located on the rear left 3. Type 1 Since the fuel system may be under pres- Open the fuel tank filler door with the re- sure, remove the fuel tank filler tube cap lease lever located below the instrument panel.

Two keys are provided. The key fits all locks. When taking a key on flights, do not The engine is designed so that it will not Keep one in a safe place as a spare key. Page Electronic Immobilizer Anti-Theft Starting System If you need an extra spare key, take your ve- if an invalid start is attempted.

Page Keyless Entry System 2 to the moment of automatic If your remote control switch is lost or dam- locking can be changed. Page 34 Coin type battery CR 7. Close the remote control transmitter firmly. Place the remote control transmitter in the re- sert the cloth-covered tip of a straight blade mote control switch case, then securely close or minus screwdriver into the notch in the the remote control switch case.

Never leave children in the vehicle unat- tended. Page Quarter Window Club Cab Locking and unlocking Quarter window Club cab If the safety mechanism is activated three or To close more times in a row, the safety mechanism Pull the lever, returning it to its original position E will be cancelled and the rear retractable pow- and securing it in place. Lift up the handle and lower the rear gate. Heat from the exhaust could lead to burns.

E If a hand or head is trapped in the closing sunroof, The sunshade cannot be closed with the sun- The safety mechanism is cancelled just be- it will reopen automatically. Page 44 Locking and unlocking If the sunroof does not operate when the sun- roof switch is operated, release the switch and check whether something is trapped by the sunroof. If nothing is trapped, we recom- mend you to have the sunroof checked.

Depending on the model of ski carriers or roof carriers, the sunroof may make contact with the carrier when the sunroof is tilted up. Page 49 Seat and seat belts Power type To recline the seatback Power type Adjust the seat by operating the switch as indicated Adjust the seatback angle by operating the switch E by the arrows. Manual type In order to recline the seatback, lean forward slight- ly, pull the seatback lock lever up, and then lean backward to the desired position and release the lev Page 51 Seat and seat belts When the lever or pedal is used, the seatback will Pull the band and fold the seatback forward.

To return the seat, slide the entire Switch off seat heaters when not in use. It could E rear seat. When a person is sitting in the middle seating posi- break. Page Head Restraints Seat and seat belts Head restraints To raise the head restraint, move it upward. To low- To install er the restraint, move it downward while pushing Confirm that the head restraint is facing the correct E the height adjusting knob A in the direction of the direction, and then insert it into the seatback while arrow.

Page Seat Belts Seat and seat belts Seat belts WARNING E To protect you and your passengers in the event of To reduce risk of serious or fatal injury an accident, it is most important that the seat belts in an accident, including the deploying are worn correctly while driving. A child should never be left unattended in your vehicle. When you leave the vehi- cle, take the child with you. Page 63 When installing a child restraint system, prevent the head restraint from touching the child restraint system by removing it or adjusting its height.

X- Seat position not suitable for children in this mass group. Page 66 When installing a child restraint system, prevent the head restraint from touching the child restraint system by removing it or adjusting its height. Page 69 Seat and seat belts Child restraint anchorage points Dou- Tether anchorage strap installation 3. Tip the armrest forward. Page 70 Seat and seat belts Installing a child restraint system to It is not necessary to retain the child restraint sys- 1.

Page 71 Seat and seat belts 4. Page 79 Seat and seat belts Because the front airbags do not protect the occu- Because the front airbags may deploy in certain WARNING pant in all types of collisions, be sure to always prop- types of unexpected impacts as shown in the illus- erly wear your seat belts. Page 80 The typical condition is shown in the illustration. Side airbag system E The side airbags A are contained in the driver and Curtain airbag system front passenger seatbacks.

Page 83 Failure to follow all of these instructions could lead to serious or fatal injury to the child. Page 84 SRS compo- If you junk or scrap the vehicle, we urge you nents. Fuel filter indication lamp ® p. Charge warning lamp ® p.

The L is a compact-sized pickup truck built and sold by Mitsubishi Motors. In its homeland of Japan, you can find it under the Mitsubishi Triton or the Mitsubishi Forte monikers. Although the naming strategy is confusing and somewhat overwhelming, all these different model names essentially represent the same vehicle: a rebadged Mitsubishi L destined for various markets.

The first generation L, also known as the Forte Lmade its debut in Japan, in It was initially offered with a 1. InMitsubishi canceled the Forte in its domestic market, a decision that would last for the subsequent five years before they re-introduced it again in Export variants of the L came with either a 93 horsepower 2.

Some markets also got the 2. Target markets received a naked cab and chassis version in addition to the different powerplant units. The first L was extremely sophisticated for its time, especially for a pickup truck. It had front disc brakes, recirculating ball steering, and coil spring front suspension. The 4WD system which was introduced in featured a torsion-bar setup in the front.

The 4WD system consisted of three different positions: high-range 2WD, high-range 4WD, and low-range 4WD for off-roading or towing heavy trailers over rough terrain. Dodge introduced the Ram D ina pickup that was essentially a rebadged Mitsubishi L underneath. Plymouth did a similar thing with the Plymouth Arrow truck. When 4WD was introduced, Dodge decided to rename their truck to the Ram 50 instead of the D to mark this significant milestone.

Some US models also came with a diesel engine, producing 80 horsepower and lb-ft of torque thanks to the TC05 non-wastegated turbo. In Mitsubishi substituted the TC05 for a TD04, a wastegated turboraising the total power output to 86 horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

Although Japanese manufacturers like to introduce new generations in their domestic market first, because the L ceased production in Japan for five whole years, most export markets saw the brand-new, second-gen L at around the same time. Despite the fact that there were 4 different gasoline and 3 different diesel engines on offer depending on the market, US-bound L variants were only offered with a 92 horsepower 2.

Not only was the second generation L a lot bigger than the first, but it was also more refined. Mitsubishi may have debuted a fairly crude and utilitarian truck inbut over time they introduced several different versions for people who wanted slightly more comfort and luxury. Because the Ram 50 received a major facelift that same year, and probably because it was slightly smaller than the Dodge DakotaChrysler decided to continue selling both models side by side for another 7 years.

Inthe Ram 50 ceased to exist. With the brand-new generation just around the corner, also marked the death of the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, the original L Poor sales killed it off, and it never received a successor for the North American market. The old 2. Other engine choices ranged from 2. In the L received a fairly significant upgrade.

It got redesigned headlights, different bumpers, and other aesthetic updates. Essentially a modified variant of the L built as a passenger pickup truck, the Challenger was only offered in Japan. Realizing what a potential sales hit it might be, Mitsubishi started exporting it later on and marketed it as the Montero Sport, the Pajero Sport, the Shogun Sport, and the Nativa, depending on the market. The Challenger used a lot of the same body panels as the ones found on the Strada pickup truck, and it had the same wheelbase as the second-gen Pajero.

The fourth-gen L made its official debut in Although assembly takes place in Brazil, Thailand, and South Africa, the pickup is built exclusively in Thailand. From there, it gets exported to around different global markets. Most L pickups of this generation carry a 2. In Japan, the only engine available in the Triton was a 3. The V6 is a rare sight in markets outside of Japan.

All V6 engines come mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, but there were 5-speed auto and 5-speed manual transmissions on offer too mostly found on the diesels. Despite its significant success overseas, the Triton never caught on in Japan as most workmen preferred small vans and even station wagons to a large pickup.

Inten years after the fourth-gen L made its debut, Mitsubishi unveiled its completely redesigned pickup truck. The new model shares most of its components with the Fiat Fullback, a rebadged L intended for European and Middle Eastern markets. Although Fiat has no plans of introducing the Fullback to the US due to the chicken tax, Ram rebadged the Triton as the Ram and is currently marketing it in the Middle East.

Mitsubishi have no plans of re-introducing the truck to their domestic market due to abysmal sale figures of previous generations and a lack of need for pickups in Japan. The fifth-gen L comes with a single gasoline engine and three different diesel units: a 2. There are two manuals, a five and a six-speed, and two different automatics, also a 5 and a 6-speed. The former is a normal auto, but the latter is a robust AISIN box with more towing capabilities and better off-road performance.

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Fourth Generation — to The fourth-gen L made its official debut in Fifth Generation — to present Inten years after the fourth-gen L made its debut, Mitsubishi unveiled its completely redesigned pickup truck. Get notified for new files? We'll send you a quick email when a new Mitsubishi L document is added.

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