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Also See for Astra J   Owner's manual - pages. Quick Links. Table of Contents. In brief Keys, doors and windows Seats, restraints Instruments and controls Climate control Driving and operating Vehicle care Service and maintenance Technical data Customer information Previous  Page. Next  Page. Page 2: Introduction Introduction Introduction Back to overview Page 3: Using This Manual "Service and prices.

The as well as on the identification plate. Page 4 Disregarding this information may lead to vehicle damage. Symbols Page references are indicated with 3. We wish you many hours of pleasurable driving.

Adam Opel AG Back to overview Page 5 Introduction Back to overview Page 6: In Brief In brief In brief Vehicle unlocking Seat adjustment Seat positioning Initial drive information Press button c to unlock the doors and load compartment. Open the Pull handle, slide seat, release doors by pulling the handles. To open handle. Page 7 In brief Seat backrests Seat height Seat inclination Pull lever, adjust inclination and Lever pumping motion Lever pumping motion release lever.

Page 8: Head Restraint Adjustment In brief Head restraint adjustment Seat belt Mirror adjustment Interior mirror Press the button, adjust height and Pull out the seat belt and engage in engage. The seat belt must not be twisted and must fit close against the To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on Head restraints 3 Page 9 In brief Steering wheel adjustment Exterior mirrors Select the relevant exterior mirror and Unlock the lever, adjust the steering adjust it.

Electric adjustment 3 29, Folding Do not adjust the steering wheel exterior mirrors 3 29, Heated unless the vehicle is stationary and Page 10 In brief Back to overview Page 11 In brief Instrument panel overview 11 Info-Display Page 12 In brief Back to overview Page 14 In brief Horn Turn and lane-change signals Hazard warning flashers Operated with the ¨ button. Turn and lane-change signals 3Parking lights 3 Back to overview Page Climate Control In brief Climate control Demisting and defrosting the windows Heated rear window, heated exterior mirrors Push lever.

Washer fluid is sprayed on the rear window and the wiper wipes a few Press button V. Set the temperature control to the The heating is operated by pressing highest level. Activate the manual parking brake without pressing the release button. Apply as firmly as possible on a downhill slope or uphill slope. Depress foot brake at the same time to reduce operating force. Page 19 In brief selector lever to P before switching off the ignition.

Turn the front wheels towards the kerb. Activate the anti-theft alarm system 3 To fold the key, first press the button. Page Central Locking System Keys, doors and windows Memorised settings Central locking system Unlocking Whenever the key is removed from Unlocks and locks doors, load the ignition switch, the following compartment and fuel filler flap.

Page 23 Keys, doors and windows The setting can be saved for the key Unlocking and opening the being used. Memorised settings tailgate 3 Locking Close doors, load compartment and fuel filler flap. Press the e button to lock. Press the c button to unlock. Press button c when the ignition is off. Page Automatic Locking Keys, doors and windows Fault in radio remote control Fault in central locking system the ignition key is removed manual transmission or the selector lever is system Unlocking moved to P position automatic transmission.

Manually unlock the driver's door by Unlocking turning the key in the lock. Page Doors Keys, doors and windows Doors Central locking system 3 Opening Using a key or suitable screwdriver, turn the child lock in the rear door to the horizontal position. Page Vehicle Security Keys, doors and windows Vehicle security General hints for operating Activating tailgate Anti-theft locking system 9 Warning 9 Warning Do not drive with the tailgate open or ajar, e.

The doors gases, which can not be seen or cannot be unlocked from the Page 27 Keys, doors and windows Activation Activation without monitoring of 1. Close tailgate, bonnet, windows and sunroof. Press button o. LED in the the system button o illuminates for a maximum of 10 minutes. Page 28 Keys, doors and windows Status during the first 30 seconds of lights flash simultaneously. The If the control indicator continues anti-theft alarm system activation: number and duration of alarm signals flashing, attempt to start the engine are stipulated by legislation.

Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Exterior mirrors In position 0 no mirror is selected. Electric folding Convex shape Folding The convex exterior mirror contains an aspherical area and reduces blind spots.

The shape of the mirror makes objects appear smaller, which will affect the ability to estimate distances. Heating works with the engine To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on running and is switched off the underside of the mirror housing. Page Windows Keys, doors and windows Windows Safety function If the window glass encounters Manual windows resistance above the middle of the window during automatic closing, it is The door windows can be opened or immediately stopped and opened closed with the window winders.

Page 32 Keys, doors and windows Child safety system for rear Initialising the power windows windows If the windows cannot be closed automatically e. Page Roof Keys, doors and windows Roof Heated rear window If the sun visors have integral mirrors, the mirror covers should be closed when driving.

Sunroof A ticket holder is located on the backside of the sun visor. Page 34 Keys, doors and windows Raise or close Closing sunroof from outside The sunroof can be closed remotely Press q or r: sunroof is raised or from outside the vehicle.

If the sunroof is raised, it can be opened in one step by pressing p. Then release switch briefly and press it again gently to the first detent for 10 seconds. Airbag system Thus the head is supported so that the risk of whiplash injury is reduced.

Note Approved accessories may only be attached if the seat is not in use. To adjust horizontally, pull the head Height adjustment restraint forwards. Seat position possible to easily reach the steering wheel with arms slightly Seat adjustment Page 39 Seats, restraints Seat positioning Seat backrests Seat height Pull handle, slide seat, release Pull lever, adjust inclination and Lever pumping motion handle.

Page 40 Seats, restraints Seat inclination Lumbar support Adjustable thigh support Lever pumping motion Adjust lumbar support using the four- Pull the lever and slide the thigh way switch to suit personal support. Under the armrest there is by pressing the ß button for the a storage compartment. Fold armrest down. Page Seat Belts Seats, restraints Seat belts Seat belts are designed to be used by 9 Warning only one person at a time.

They are not suitable for people smaller than Incorrect handling e. Child restraint system fitting of belts can trigger the belt 3 Do not place 1. Pull belt out slightly. Press button. Page 44 Seats, restraints Removing Using the seat belt while pregnant Adjust the height so that the belt lies across the shoulder.

It must not lie To release belt, press red button on across the throat or upper arm. Do not adjust while driving. Have deployed airbags replaced by a workshop. Furthermore, it might be The airbag system consists of necessary to have the steering a number of individual systems wheel, the instrument panel, parts of depending on the scope of the panelling, the door seals, equipment.

Only then the airbag is able to protect. Side airbag system The inflated airbags cushion the The inflated airbags cushion the impact, thereby reducing the risk of impact, thereby reducing the risk of injury to the upper body and head of injury to the upper body and pelvis in the front seat occupants