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Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. D-link systems user's guide adsl ethernet modem dslg, dslcv 27 pages. D-link systems user's manual adsl modem dslt 67 pages. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.

Page 3: Limitation Of Liability This Warranty applies on the condition that the product Registration Card is filled out and returned to a D-Link office within ninety 90 days of purchase. A list of D-Link offices is provided at the back of this manual, together with a copy of the Registration Card.

Page 5 Status When you attempt to connect to Page 9 ADSL connection in the future. The Modem may be reset to its factory default settings by performing a Restore settings operation within the management interface see System Commands below. Page Introduction ADSL technology enables many interactive multi-media applications such as video conferencing and collaborative computing.

The Modem is easy to install and use. The ADSL connection is made using ordinary twisted-pair telephone line with standard connectors. The program is designed to work best with more recently released browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer® A solid green light indicates a valid link on startup. Place the Modem in a location where it can be connected to the various devices as well as to a power source.

However, you cannot use the same IP address since every Note computer must have its own IP address that is unique on the local network. From the Start menu on your desktop, go to Settings, then click on Network Connections. Click on the Properties button. Page Windows 1. Page Windows 95 And Windows 98 6. Follow the instructions to install the files. Page Access The Configuration Manager 2.

Home - Login window The first menu you see when clicking the Setup tab is the Modem Setup menu. Page 30 After a few seconds the new connection you just configured will become the active connection for the Modem. To make your temporarily saved connection permanent, click the Save All button in the System Commands window on the Tools tab. Page 31 6. Supply a Username and Password used to verify the identity of your account. These are usually provided by your ISP. Some of the settings do not need to be changed when you first set up the device but can be changed later if you choose.

This option is commonly used in situations where IP is dynamically assigned and is not known prior to assignment. A web browser is used to communicate directly with the Modem and make changes to the configuration or monitor status. This specifies the amount of time in seconds a client can lease an IP Lease Time address, from the dynamically allocated IP pool. A valid IP address and subnet mask are needed to access the Web manager.

Figure Setup — Management IP window Click on the Tools tab to access the Tools menu. Page User Management 1. Type the current User Name in the entry field provided. Type in the new Password in the entry field provided. Type in the new password again in the Confirm Password field. If desired, change the Idle Timeout value.

Click Apply. Tools — Remote Log window Save the latest firmware version to a file on your computer or an accessible TFTP server. Tools — Ping Test window This window is used to test the connection path of the Modem to another networked device with an IP address. To Ping a device, first enter the IP address of the device that you wish to Ping into the first field, the Packet Size in bytes in the second field, and finally, enter the number of times you wish the Ping function to attempt a connection to the desired device into the third field.

Opening Status window Click the hyperlink for the desired Status window. Status — Network Statistics window Choose the desired interface at the top of the window and then click Refresh to view Ethernet network statistics. Status — Connection Status window Click Refresh to view connection status information. Status — Product Info. Status — System Log window Click Refresh to get the most current system log information.

Opening Help window Click on the item you want further information for on the window above. Page Technical Specifications G. When setting up the Modem, you must make sure it has a valid IP address. Page 58 It is recommended that you choose private network IP Addresses from the above list. Any bit an a subnet mask that is to correspond to a net ID bit in the IP address must be set to 1.

These devices are commonly referred to as microfilters or sometimes called inaccurately line splitters. Page Line Splitter Line - This port connects to the wall jack. Phone — This port connects to a telephone or other telephone device.

The diagram below illustrates the proper use of the splitter. Page 63 Le Florilege, No. Page 65 U. D-Link U. Page Registration Card 8. What category best describes your company? Would you recommend your D-Link product to a friend? Don't know yet Your comments on this product?

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Table of Contents. Οδηγός Γρήγορης Εγκατάστασης. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Be sure your Internet connection is Connect CD. DO NOT plug the router in yet. Page 3: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 1. In the WAN configuration settings, there is a parameter called Maximum idle timer.

This parameter controls how many seconds of inactivity before dropping connection to the internet. Insbesondere dann, wenn sie einen Tarif nutzen, bei dem Ihnen die Kosten auf der Basis Ihrer Online-Zeit in Rechnung gestellt werden zeitbasierendmussen Sie Ihren Router durch korrekte Einstellung dazu veranlassen, die Verbindung bei Inaktivitat zu trennen.

Page 6: Fehlerbehebung Laufwerk muss aktiv sein. Fehlerbehebung 1. Page 8: Guide D'installation Rapide Dépannage 1. Page 9 Vous pouvez utilisez le petit autocollant fourni par D-Link pour les noter et le fixer sur le routeur ou à tout autre endroit de votre choix. Que faire si mon routeur ne fonctionne pas correctement? Solución de problemas 1. Page 11 Asistencia técnica Gracias por elegir los productos de D-Link. Si desea más información, asistencia, actualizaciones del producto o descargar el Manual del usuario, visite el sitio web de D-Link: www.

NON collegare ancora il router. Risoluzione degli errori 1. Page 13 4. Cosa fare se il router non funziona correttamente? Page 15 Technische ondersteuning D-Link stelt het zeer op prijs dat u hebt gekozen voor een van onze producten. Ga voor meer informatie, ondersteuning, productupdates of handleidingen naar de website van D-Link op het adres www. Page Zawartość Opakowania Internetem jest aktywne. Rozwiązywanie problemów 1.

Page 17 4. Co zrobić jeśli ruter nie działa poprawnie? Page Řešení Problémů Internetu. Řešení problémů 1. D-Link dodává pro tento účel užitečnou nálepku, na kterou můžete nastavení zapsat a pak ji nalepit na směrovač nebo jiné vhodné místo. Co mám dělat, když směrovač nefunguje správně? Page Gyors Telepítési Útmutató B. Hibaelhárítás 1. Page 21 4. Mit tehetek, ha a router nem működik megfelelően? Ez letölthető a D-Link weboldaláról is. Pass på at internettforbindelsen din er C.

Klikk aktiv. Du må IKKE koble til ruteren ennå. D-Link leverer et klistremerke du kan skrive dem ned på og klistre på ruteren eller annet egnet sted. Hvis noget af ovennævnte indhold mangler, skal du kontakte forhandleren. D-Link har sørget for en handy sticker, hvor du kan notere dem og sætte dem på din router - eller et andet sted, som er bekvemt for dig.

Käyttäjätunnus: admin Salasana: admin Pika-asennusopas C. Varmista, että Internet-yhteytesi on CD-levy. ÄLÄ kytke vielä reititintä. Page 27 Vianetsintä 1. Oletussalasana on myös "admin" ilman lainausmerkkejä. Page 28 B. Felsökning 1. D-Link har utformat en etikett som du kan skriva ned dem på och fästa på routern eller på något annat lämpligt ställe.

Resolução de problemas 1. A D-Link fornece-lhe um bloco para anotar as definições e colar a folha ao seu router, ou noutro local que considere ser mais conveniente. Page 32 υπολογιστή σας. Διόρθωση λαθών 1. Page 33 ή σε ένα άλλο μέρος που το θεωρείτε πιο κατάλληλο. Page 34 Please try the following support options before returning the product to the store: Online Support All the latest user documentation and product updates for D-Link products are available on the D-Link website.

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