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Quick Links Download this manual. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Sekonic operating manual digital camera ldr, ld, l 68 pages. Sekonic digital camera operating manual ldr ld l 68 pages. Parts Designations Mode Selection Switching between incident light metering and reflected light metering Page 4: Parts Designations 1. Page 5: Display 2. Display 2. See Page 6. Ambient light measurement Press the IS0 button, and m is displayed.

Page 6: Mode Selection 3. Mode Selection Your LBll can measure both incident and reflected light in both ambient light and flash light electronic flash or flash bulb modes. Page 8: Preparation For Measurement 5. Preparation for Measurement 5. Use a manganese dry cell R6P or an alkaline one LR6. Never use any of other types. If it is toggled after measurement, the measurement data is automatically recalculated and redisplayed.

Page Ambient Light Measurement 6. Ambient Light Measurement 6. Press the measuring button, and the aperture value is displayed Fig. Page Flash Measurement With Cord 7. Flash Measurement with cord Setting up of the flash measurement with cord and making measurement in this mode 0 Press the mode selector to enter this mode Fig.

I Set up the film and shutter speeds. Page Flash Light Wireless Measurement 8. Set up the film and shutter speeds. Select the light mode you are going to use with the mode selector. Page Specifications Specifications Digital exposure meter for ambient and flash metering Type Light-receiving method Incident and reflected light metering system Light-receiving section Incident light: Lumisphere, Lumidisc Reflected light: Lens light receiving angle of 40° Light receiving element Silicon photo diode 0 Ambient light: Shutter speed-priority metering Metering systems Flash light Page Instructions And Maintenance Notes Instructions and Maintenance Notes Caution: To avoid damaging your L, never drop it or subject it to impact.

Avoid excessive temperature changes, otherwise condensation will occur, resulting in malfunction Remove the battery if your LBll is not to be used for a long time. Print page 1 Print document 15 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

I recently purchased a used Sekonic LS to meter speedlights outdoors. I find it challenging to look at a tiny screen on the back of my camera in bright sunlight and tell subtle differences in exposure while shooting portraiture. I have found that the will accurately meter differences in power output of my AD Add or remove power and the indicates the appropriate f-stop difference. Both are triggered by Godox X1R-N receivers. While both speedlights will increase or decrease power appropriately, the S never provides an f-stop result of greater than 2.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the cause of the Sekonic LS not metering these speedlights correctly while it meters an AD perfectly? Here is a test frame taken outdoors using only the AD and sunlight. I metered the sunny side camera right then added a little more power on the AD side camera left in order to determine that the S works in certain circumstances.

This scenario was used to test that I could take a first frame and get very close to the desired exposure. Well I figured it out. I expect your speedlights even when set to manual mode should still fire when mounted on an X1R in response to the X1T since the signal to fire is on the center pin contact. The requirement that the attached speedlight be in TTL mode is only to enable off-camera TTL operation and allow manual power level to be specified via the transmitter.

Your flash meter should correctly read the remote unit's power level as set on the back of the speedlight. You will however loose the convenience of being able to control power level from the transmitter. Additionally the may be some noticeable differences in actual light output for a specific power fraction depending upon whether the power is set on the transmitter or the speedlight itself.

Hi John - you've nailed it on the head. While I can trigger the speedlights via the trigger, losing the ability to change output on the trigger in a manner that is readable by the meter makes them far less useful.

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