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Sorry, your browser does not support JavaScript! Bad luck : This site, like most others, needs JavaScript to function properly. The E46 was released in to worldwide markets in the sedan body style. Ina coupé and touring body style became available to all markets, and the sedan was released in the United States. A convertible and hatchback body style was released inthe latter only for Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The E46 experienced enormous success in all markets and was widely considered the performance benchmark of its class. The record selling year for the E46 chassis waswhenvehicles were sold worldwide. This version had a larger, more powerful engine, sportier suspension, a limited slip differential, and various aesthetic modifications. The M3 was released in and was available only in the coupé and convertible body style.

It was offered with two transmissions; a standard 6-speed manual, or an optional sequential manual gearbox. Keep in mind the door card has up to 3 wire bundles attached to it. Be careful when removing it! Be prepared. Performance kW PS at rpm.

Acceleration 7. Weight 1 kg. Fuel gasoline. Acceleration 8. Fuel diesel. Engine 2 ccm cui6-cylinder, In-Line, valves, S5. Acceleration 9. Acceleration 6. Engine 2 ccm cui6-cylinder, In-Line, valves, M54B Česky English. Register Pernament. JavaScript is disabled Sorry, your browser does not support JavaScript! Facebook Twitter. Here's how to fix it! Step 1 Identify the screws The door card is held securely in place with 5 screws. Be prepared to support it while dealing with the wires. Step 2 Remove screw covers.

PDF English 1. Auto dovezeno z rakouska v roce Jsem prvni majitel v ČR. On-Line:   11   Honza Copyright © en. All rights reserved. Alpina B3. M3 CSL. M3 GTR. E46 Vanos Rebuild. E46 Manual Transmission Fluid Change. E46 Window Regulator Replacement. E46 Rear Differential Oil Change.

E46 Door Handles Replacement. M43TUB19 77kW. M43TUB19 87kW. N46B20 kW. N52B30 kW. M47D20 85kW. M47TUD20 85kW. M47D20 kW. M47TUD20 kW. M57TUD30 kW. M57D30 kW Nm.