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The Lancia Ypsilon is a supermini manufactured and marketed by Lancianow in its third generation, soley in the domestic Italian market and — as of — the marque's only model. The Ypsilon was released inas a larger and more expensive replacement to the Y Between and Lancia produced more thanYpsilons in the Melfi plant in the Potenza region. The third generation Ypsilon, sharing its platform with the Fiatwas marketed also as the Chrysler Ypsilon in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Japan. Fiat Group discontinued the Chrysler variant inhaving marketed 2, units in The length is 3.

The Lancia Y was built on the platform of the Fiat Punto series the same platform as the Palio and Barchettawith a redesigned trailing arm independent rear suspensionconnected by a stabilizer bar, to provide a more comfortable and refined driving experience, while suspension at the front remained of the independent MacPherson type. The main features of the Lancia Y include five seats, a soft plastic dashboard, and accessories, and options, including body colors in shades from the Lancia Kaleidoscope catalog.

Another design property that distinguished the Y was the instrument cluster in the center of the dashboard, which was adopted by the Musa and Ypsilon later in A Cosmopolitan special edition of pieces was later added. It was created through collaboration with the magazine, based on the LX trim. It was sold in the European market outside of Italy.

Air conditioning was standard on the LX and an option on the LS. The LX also offered an enhanced instrument cluster with a rev counter and a larger display that also displayed the outside temperature. They were available in displacements of 1, and 1,cc with eight valves in an overhead camshaft arrangement. The top of the line 1. The SuperFIRE features a unique control system of the engine timing distribution: A toothed belt drives the camshaft of the exhaust valves, which in turn drives the intake camshaft via a gear.

They were able to reach the same top speed as the "Pratola Serra" versions. The 1. Lancia had pulled out of RHD markets two years prior to the Y's launch. Thus, no RHD version was developed. The Italian magazine Quattroruote test drove the "Ypsilon 16V LX" beyond its usual city use and praised its excellent power reserves while offering the comforts of a car worthy of a higher price. The Lancia Ypsilon was featured in Gran Turismo 2. The model was an immediate success selling over 42, units in the first two months.

In October the exterior and interior were restyled. The external changes included a new, larger grille, new bumpers, new taillights, new wheel cover designs, new fog lights. The side moldings of the car became much smoother and body-colored.

The most significant internal change was the headrests instead of drilled solids and new seats and new steering wheel similar to that of the Lancia Lybra. The material was no longer available with "soft touch", reflective security was removed from the doors, the climate control button was replaced with a lever, and the instrument panel was made more readable and modern, especially in the use of the LED display. The length of the car increased slightly from 3. The following years were marketed by other special versions: DoDo, [10] Vanity and Unica.

Emissions were reduced with a more linear delivery, while maintaining, and sometimes even increasing, consumption. Lancia reduced power from 60 PS on the cc, due to the addition of the sequential multipoint fuel injection system, costing power. It also removed the 55 PS 40 kW; 54 hp engine option, as it had not yet been adapted to the new Euro 3 directive, leaving the 60 PS 44 kW; 59 hp 1.

In Septemberafter nearly nine years of career and just aboveunits sold, [12] its successor, the Lancia Ypsilon debuted, replacing it completely the following year. The Ypsilon Type was Introduced in to access the Lancia range. It was designed to meet the needs of a young audience, and over time found sales, especially to females.

It was initially assembled at the Fiat plant in Melfi. The car uses a three-door body about 3. The front is characterized by a large chrome grille with lobes at the top. The lighting is placed at the ends of the front arch. Bumpers are characterized by the presence of a coating applied to the fascia. Above the air, intakes are the fog lights in versions of the tip.

A prominent rib runs along the sides. The glazing frames are chrome-plated versions of the tip. The tail has vertically-oriented headlamps that culminate in the bumper and are integrated into the fenders. The rear tailgate has a small size that limits visibility, embellished by chromed fascia above the license plate.

The frame used a shortened version of the B platform debuted with the Fiat Punto and adopted also by the Fiat Idea and Lancia Musa. The engine is transverse front-mounted, with front-wheel drive. The front independent suspensions are MacPherson struts with stabilizer barwith steel arms, while at the rear there is a semi-independent torsion beam suspension.

Ventilated front disc and rear drum brakes were available only for the home versions. Sport MomoDesign provided the four-disc brakes with stiffened suspension and trim for other models. All versions included anti-wheel drive lock ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution EBD and an electric power steering system that stiffens gradually, but among the options are combined electronic stability control and traction.

The interior is covered with plastic inserts on door panels and instrument panel is covered with Airtex fabric, leather or Alcantara depending on the model. Two-tone upholstery and plastic inserts mimic aluminum. The upholstery is available in four different materials: "glamorous", Airtex, suedeand leather. It offers large storage space in front of the driver and passenger.

The air conditioning and radio controls were located in the central area, including the optional navigation system. In autumn the Ypsilon received a touch-up that affected the engines and internals. It had a new front grille, more rounded bumpers with enlarged air intakes, and rear light clusters with chrome-effect ice.

New fabrics for the seats came with new combinations of colors. Finishes on the bridge are painted silver or dark gray. The car has a new 1. The shift lever is in a raised position and the split rear bench seat and sliding. The model introduced a DPF particulate filter as standard on all diesel engines except the horsepower 1.

Dolce Far Niente. Inthe exterior mirrors increased in size and darkened headlamps appeared. In Lancia introduced the final version called Ypsilon Unyca. Production of the second generation Lancia Ypsilon ended on 23 November because Fiat Group closed the Termini Imerese factory where the Ypsilon was assembled.

The Ypsilon was produced in two body colours version called B-colorewhich recalls Lancia tradition. The best-selling Ypsilons were the Passion, the Momo Design [17] and Sport Momo Design [18] characterized by the double body-colour, distinct from the top roof, side mirrors and rear hatch and the rest of the fairingas well as some mostly sporty details alloy wheels, interior.

It derives directly from a concept called Ypsilon Sport, [19] presented at the Geneva Motor Show in and developed in collaboration with Zagato Design Centre. In Mayas inthe limited edition makeover ModaMilano returned [21] with colour changes TOP Borromini Grey colourBi-colour multi-spoke wheels, chrome trim and dashboard instrumentation cupolotto covered with skin. Sincethe Ypsilon Versus was a limited edition of just 1, designed by Versace[22] with Bronzino Bronze body and interior.

The Paris concept car was presented as Ypsilon Elle [23] carried out in collaboration with the women's magazine. Elle was characterized by special pink bodywork and interior trim. Also inthe Ypsilon E-Collection arrived, characterized by low environmental impact engines with reduced carbon dioxide emissions dioxide and B-body colour.

Bythe full range met the Euro 5 emission standard. The interior had parabolic mirrors painted in Gloss Black. In the Ypsilon Unyca debuted. The engine range included a four-cylinder 1. It was subsequently expanded to offer 90 and The Multijet with D. The third generation was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in The final model included only a few changes from the original, especially in the grille that recalls the style of most Chrysler models, with horizontal slats replacing the two lobes with vertical slats.

As ofit is the sole model available in Lancia's range. The third series of Ypsilon adopted a five-door body with rear door handles recessed into the door's trailing edge. The third generation shares the Fiat Mini platform with the Fiat and Panda.

Production was moved to Fiat's Tychy plant, [27] reachingunits per year at full capacity. The front suspension continued with independent wheel MacPherson struts at the front and the semi-independent torsion beam with a stabilizer bar at the rear. The body is 3. The cabin is approved for 5 seats. At the launch up to possible customization combinations with 16 exterior colors including 4 Bi-color version.

European versions included Silver, Gold intermediate, and Platinum option packages. Type continued to feature center-dash instrumentation. Type included a right-hand-drive variant for the UK and Ireland, where it was sold as the Chrysler Ypsilon. In it began selling in Japan under the Chrysler brand at Yanase Co.

Japanese dealerships. It isn't exported to the USA in order to avoid competition with the Fiat[31] which is produced at Chrysler's Toluca plant in Mexico.

Also See for Ypsilon   Owner's handbook manual - pages User manual - 29 pages Owner's handbook manual - pages. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Lancia Ypsilon Owner's Handbook Manual  pages. Lancia Ypsilon User Manual 29 pages. We are sure that these instruments will help you easily attune to and appreciate both your new car and the LANCIA team that will be on hand to provide you with any help you may require.

So much so that, from this point of view, the car is the best in its class and has probably already incorporated features that belong to the future. Padding and the air conditioning system do not contain CFCs Chlo- rofluorocarbidesthe gases considered responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. None of the colourings and anti-corrosion coatings of the nuts and bolts contain air- or water-table-polluting cadmium or chromates, but envi- ronmentally-friendly substances.

The catalytic converter consists of a stainless steel case containing a honeycomb ceramic core in which there is the pre- cious metal that carries out the catalysing action. Multijet engines: only refuel with diesel fuel conforming to the European specification EN The use of other products or mixtures may irreparably damage the engine with invalidation of the war- ranty due to the damage caused. Side vents - 2.

Left-hand stalk: external lights - 3. Right-hand stalk: windscreen wiper, rear win- dow wiper, trip computer control - 5. Page Symbols Special coloured labels have been at- tached near or actually on some of the To further protect your car from at- components of your Lancia Ypsilon. If it is still not pos Page 14 Ë To refit the metal insert into the key Button for unlocking of doors and grip, keep button B pressed and turn tailgate.

Page 15 When unlocking the doors, the inter- Opening the doors and the If the inside locking button nal lights will come on for a preset tailgate is pressed accidentally, length of time. Page 17 Should a new key with remote control them to a Lancia Dealership, which be necessary, contact a Lancia Deal- will deal with their disposal. Page 18 The main functions that can be activated with the keys with or without remote control are the following: Type of key Door closing Door opening Boot opening Key turning Key turning Key without remote control clockwise — counterclockwise Key turning Key turning — The steering wheel would au- tomatically lock as soon as you try to turn it.

Page Instruments Do not travel with the fuel tank al- fig. Con- tact a Lancia Dealership. Page 21 Lancia Dealership. If the needle reaches the red area, stop the engine imme- fig. Page 25 VOL. Setting the clock in 12h or 24h mode Clock mode Through this option it is possible to This function enables to set the clock.

Page 30 To adjust the volume proceed as fol- the approaching service interval. Page 33 Values displayed Trip distance Average speed Range This value shows the distance covered This value shows the car average from the start of the new mission. Val- pressing the relevant button; ues displayed before the failure will — Failure to lock the seat in place could result in the seat moving suddenly and the driver losing control of the car.

To adjust the head restraint height, Proceed as follows fig. B: Air temperature knob mixing hot and cold air. Page 48 Ú. During the winter, the climate Knob F to …. Press this button to switch on the window button turn on. The external lights can only be switched on when the ignition key is at MAR. Page 60 fig. The warning light will come on the first time the stalk is operated and it will stay on until the function is turned off auto- matically. This device can only work when the ignition key is at MAR.

Page Rain Sensor RAIN SENSOR where provided The rain sensor A is behind the driver mirror in contact with the windscreen and has the purpose of automatically adjust, during the intermittent oper- ation, the frequency of the windscreen wiper strokes as to the rain intensity. The sensor has a range of adjustment that gradually varies between wiper stationary no wiping when the Page 64 Deactivation fig. Carefully inspect the car to find fuel leaks, e.

Page Doors Do not open the sunroof if there is snow or ice on it: it could be damaged. Page Boot BOOT The boot tailgate when unlocked can be opened only from the outside through the electric opening handle set above the number plate holder fig. If doors are unlocked the boot can be opened at any time. Page 75 The addition of objects speakers, spoilers, etc. Page 76 Returning the seat to its original position Repeat the above operations in reverse sequence, refit belts into buckles as shown in the fig.

The cushion shall be re-positioned fit- ting the rear part under the back rest fig. Page 77 fig. Page 80 fig. Page Abs System Dealership to have the system anti-lock device. Drive carefully to the between front and rear wheels. Page Esp System If the instrument panel ditions. In this case contact a Lancia together with the message on the Dealership as soon as possible.

Page Sound System The system consists of: playcontact Lancia Dealership as the passengers with the feeling of soon as possible. When cleaning the tow hook socket. Page Seat Belts only for ho- For permanent deactivation, contact ton C. Guide the seat belt with your mologated 5-seat cars.

Lancia Dealership. Page 94 To fasten the seat belt: run the tape and insert tongue I into buckle N. To unfasten the seat belt: press but- ton O and guide the seat belt with your hand while it is rewinding to prevent it from twisting. Boot extension: release the buckle with the black button M and guide the seat belt with your hand while it Page Pretensioners In this way the road surface or low obstacles they ensure that the seat belt adheres such as kerbs, etc. Contact a Lancia perfectly to the wearer before the re- fig.

Page 96 as il- Under no circumstances lustrated in the fig. Any operation should be carried out by qualified and authorised person- nel. Always contact a Lancia Dealership. Page 98 Therefore, correct restraint Lineaccessori Lancia offers seats for cluster to make sure that deactiva- systems are necessary, other then each weight group. These seats are the tion has actually taken place see adult seat belts.

Page 99 fig. Page fig. Under this steering wheel, to the air-bag cover circumstance the protection offered The car is fitted with front air bags for Always keep your hands Stop the car and contact Lancia on the steering wheel rim Dealership to have the system when driving, so that if the Air bag checked immediately.

For impacts between these two Moreover, since the front air bags thresholds, it is therefore normal do not come into operation in the that only the pretensioners are Page Engine Starting The engine consumes ability. The system devised for the If the engine does not start at the first oxygen and produces carbon Lancia Ypsilon was designed to limit attempt, return the ignition key to monoxide which is a highly toxic maintenance interventions.

Page You can use the car as usual if glow plugs. Release the key as soon the engine starts but you should con- as the engine starts. When the handbrake lever is pulled up and the ignition key is at MAR the instrument panel warning light x will come on with fixed light. It is therefore es- sential that there is nothing under the pedals: make sure mats are ly- ing flat and do not get in the way of the pedals. Avoid superfluous crossings the engine should be Short journeys and frequent cold braking and accelerating, which cost switched off.

The hook should be fastened to the body avoiding any type of drilling and trimming of the rear bumpers that remains visible when the hook is removed. The Road max permissible speed of the snow provide advice concerning the most Traffic Code speed limits must tyres as per EC Directive.

Page Snow Chains front wheels. We recommend using Lineaccessori Lancia snow chains. Snow chains with reduced - 1. Page General Warnings together with the message on the fault. The display will show the dedicated display stop the car immediately message. As concerns messages relevant to the and contact Lancia Dealership. Page Ebd System Failure Drive with the utmost care to the nea- from the engine. In any case, contact stem.

Page Deactivated front The warning light turns on when contact Lancia Dealership as soon and side where provided. Warning light