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Also See for   Manual - 85 pages. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Press button A to lock the vehi- This is confirmed by rapid flash- cle. This is confirmed by fixed lighting of the direction indicators for approximately two seconds.

Before starting, unlock the steer- Never run the engine in ing if necessary, by gently turning a confined space. M - Memorises the settings. Switch on the ignition and adjust the seat and the mir- rors. Manual mode: Press or pull the switch lightly. The window stops as soon as the switch is released. Automatic mode: Press or pull the switch firmly. One touch completely opens or closes the window. Automatic visibility programme. Automatic comfort programme. Demisting the rear screen.

Setting the air distribution. Air conditioning switch. Air flow adjustment. Air intake control. To close: from outside the vehi- cle, push back the flap and check that it is secured correctly. Page 15 It is for this reason, and for your complete peace of mind, that your Peugeot dealer will carry out a levels check and top-up midway between two routine services, at the time or distance intervals specified.

Replacement of the timing belt: consult your Peugeot dealer. Page 17 The servicing cycle consists of alternating 2 types of service A and C, intermediate visits, and a few additional operations depending on your vehicle; these correspond to key stages in the life of your Coupé. Level B service is designed for less recent vehicles. The diagram opposite states the optimum range of viscosity depend- ing on the temperatures at which the oils are to be used.

Checking the oil level When the engine is warm, the tem The level should always be style of driving, in particular for Never go underneath a vehicle which is supported only by a jack use a ramp. Two bulbs HW. Remove the translucent protector.

Change the faulty bulb. The fuse numbers are indicated on the fuse box. Use the special pliers A attached to the box. Ventilation controls. Not used. Page 39 - After every reconnection of the battery, switch on the ignition and wait 1 minute before starting to allow the electronic systems to be initialised. Your vehicle is equipped with certain B2 : —ve Rear right loud-speaker factory-fitted audio equipment: and tweeter.

This equipment is not compatible with the fitting of a rear spoiler. When it is used, take care not to conceal the third brake light. The sys- tem automatically adjusts the tem- perature to that selected, by starting the air conditioning if necessary. It also manages the air flow and intake, to ensure sufficient air circu- lation inside the vehicle. Simultaneous press Cutting off of the sound mute ; restoring of the sound — by pressing any button.

Volume adjustment. Radio selection. Press for more than 2 seconds: automatic storing of stations in the memory autostore. Cassette selection. Reversal of the direction of play of the cassette. The set can operate for 30 minutes without the vehicle ignition being switched on. This is no reflection on the quality of the equipment, but is due to the nature of the signals and the way in which they are transmitted. Briefly press button K or M to increase or decrease the frequency displayed.

By continuing to press the button in the direction selected, you will obtain continuous scrolling of the frequency. Briefly press the "RDS" button to switch the function on or off. With regional following mode you can keep listening to the same programme. Press the "RDS" button for more than two seconds to switch the function on or off. If a cassette is already inserted, press button C.

Ejecting the cassette Press button E to eject the cassette from the player. Selecting a disc Press one of the buttons 1 to 6 to select the corresponding disc. Selecting a track Press button K to select the following track. It holds up to 6 discs. To insert a disc into the changer: - open sliding panel A- press button B to eject the cartridge CAt the heart of the system, a Watt multifunction amplifier 1located in the boot, independently controls 10 high acoustic definition speakers.

CD selection. Press for more than 2 seconds: shuffle. With FM selected, press the "TA" button for two seconds to switch this function on or off. If a disc is already inserted, press button C. Ejecting a disc Press button E to eject the disc from the player. Selecting a disc Press buttons 1 to 6 to select the corresponding disc. Press button M to return to the start of the current track or to select the previous track. Introduction Pointing the remote control at the screen enables the information contained in the various menus to be selected.

Page 73 This contains all the mapping data. It must be inserted with the printed face upwards. This is located in the boot on the right hand side. The use of copied CDs can cause malfunctions. Enter the name of the street. Select the "Validate" function then press the "VAL" button. To enter the name of another town, select each letter using the direction arrows then confirm "VAL" When the criterion of your choice is selected, select the "Validate" function then press the "VAL" button.

The address of the required service is displayed. There are 3 options for defining the location in which you An indication on the right-hand side of the screen wish to obtain this service: e. Using the direction arrows, select the directory in which the address you are looking for is stored, then press the "VAL" It enables: - the current guidance criterion to be changed, - the programmed destination to be displayed or changed, - the voice synthesis volume to be adjusted, - the current guidance to be stopped.

You run the mately 2 seconds. Switch the ignition on again. Press button A immediately. Switch off the ignition and remove the remote control key from the ignition. The remote control is now working again. Page 83 When buying a second-hand vehicle: - check that you have been given the confidential card; - have the keys memorised by a PEUGEOT dealer to be sure that the keys in your possession are the only ones which can start the vehicle.

Page 84 Warning: If the battery is disconnected, the doors can still be opened. How- ever, it is imperative that the door is not slammed on closing. B - Adjusting the seat cushion angle Tilt the front part of the switch up or down. Side lights and dipped beam head- The driver is alerted by the flashing Page Some warning lights may be linked to buzzers and a message on the multi—function display.

Stop immediately. If the Central STOP warning light comes on when you are driving, stop Allow the engine to cool before top- your vehicle immediately where it is safe to do so. It indicates either: This flashes when the system is — Page There is a risk of damage to the catalytic converter petrol Air bag warning light engine only.

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Peugeot Coupe 8C 2. Lenkstockschalter COM Peugeot Hallo zusammen, Ich biete hier einen gebrauchten aber voll funktionsfähigen Lenkstockschalter Scheinwerfer Peugeot Halogen Scheinwerfer PeugeotHalogen, wurde in div. Peugeot Coupe 2. Modelle verbaut. Orig sommerräder 15" Peugeot limo break coupe Verkaufe 1 Satz sommerräder passend fuer peugeot er 2x roadstone 8mm neu 2x hankook mm Dot Peugeot Break Bj.

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