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Akadémiai Kiadó Zrt. Postacím: Budapest, Pf. Szerzőknek Miért érdemes az Orvosi Hetilapban cikket közölni? Közlési engedély A közlési engedély értelmében a Szerző cikkének ingyenes, határidő nélküli közlési jogát kizárólagosan átadja a Kiadónak. Open Access Tudta, hogy az Open Access módon elérhetővé tett cikkekre több hivatkozás születik?

Sometimes penetration can go too deep. These comfy modular rings incrementally adjust so you can explore what feels good - for both of you. One day after sex, my long-time girlfriend got very quiet, and said to me "I have to tell you something It sounded heavy. But I was truly touched when she opened up and told me about her pain issues, which had progressively been getting more intense. Pain during intercourse? Who knew? The experience of sharing something so intimate might be difficult to broach, but just by her talking about it made me feel closer to her.

What I as NOT expecting was that the Ohnut would not only alleviate the pain, but it actually enhanced my orgasm! Think "c! My girlfriend and I can't recommend this product enough--and we love the online "kitchen ads" as well! This is a great, well made, playful, helpful and really fun ; product. The Ohnut is excellent! I like how soft and flexible the material is, and it functions nicely not only has a buffer, but also as a ring for some slight "performance enhancement.

Thank you so much! I have primary vaginismus and in my 7 years of sexual activity, I have never known painless sex. No luck. So we tried again, this time with 4. I was so pleasantly surprised to find myself actually enjoying not having to be so cautious. Previously, we had to constantly monitor that my partner stayed a certain amount inside to ensure the pain was bearable for me.

My partner also liked how the rings felt and it even made him finish faster! Not to mention, we had so many laughs during our trials on figuring out our rhythm and rituals of using the OHNUT. I have such a long way in terms of my vaginismus, especially if I ever want to achieve painless sex.

The price is worth every penny. What a remarkable creation for those of us who suffer with dyspareunia and vaginismus. It worked for reducing depth of penetration as needed. The silicone is of nice quality, and the packaging is well done.

Unfortunately this product did not help me with my issue as it turns out, my issue is more about girth than depth of penetration but I can absolutely see this working for someone who just needs relief from deeper penetration. This not only helps with comfort but it's a fun toy! Have one-to-four rings means that we can adjust to my mood, the position, and what he wants.

Sometimes using all the rings means he's not able to do his 'usual' moves which can extend the session to our ultimate enjoyment. It's been lovely to have bumpers and be able to relax when I want a little less depth. Highly recommend! These were the answer to the only roadblocks in our relationship. Thank you for giving us both the confidence we need to really enjoy our time together!

We did find that the regular size was just a little tight- but the product worked perfectly, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the larger size as well! Best invention ever. I put off buying it Bc of cost and uncertainty. No more painful sex. Thanks so much. I have had symptoms of endometriosis since I was 16, and though I got a diagnosis and treatment a few years later, penetration has become more and more painful over the last few years.

Thank you, Emily!! I would like the marketing and inserts to be more gender inclusive, though, as I am nonbinary, and plenty of us would make good use of the ohnut. These are truly just the perfect product. No more pain or discomfort, and the ohnuts wear so comfortably on my partner! The packaging was super cute too!! I've been post-menopausal for almost 10 years. I've been a pelvic health PT for 13 years.

Since I knew what I was up against when it came to intercourse, once I became post-menopausal, I have been proactive in internal self-stretching along with using a couple of over-the-counter vaginal topical applications to help keep my vaginal tissues moist and pliable.

Even so, intercourse HURT! So, I upped my game with prescription vaginal topicals hyaluronic acid suppositories and the Ohnut. I'm now at three months of using the suppositories along with the Ohnut. While intercourse is not completely pain-free it is pretty darn close, and I don't dread the prospect of feeling torn between refusing my partner or feeling as if I had been torn internally.

Without the Ohnut I would not have been able to tolerate intercourse very well even with the suppositories. My partner, Mark, and I use the classic size. We had to do some experimentation with how many Ohnuts to stack together.

Two is just right. When they first go on Mark says they feel mildly constrictive and then he quickly forgets they are there. I hardly notice them. When there were more than two stacked together I did. We are so grateful for the Ohnut! Without this product we would not be enjoying our sex life nearly as much. These comfy modular rings are worn around the base of a penetrating partner think ring toss and compress down — like a bumper. Rings can be added or removed at any time during any position.

We give away 1 free Ohnut every month! Why not? Plus stay up to date on new research, product dev, and community exclusives — with a feel-good cherry on top. Get Connected hello ohnut. Customize Penetration Depth. Now you can customize penetration depth and transform your sex life into your best life. Play video. How Ohnut Works. Wider Ohnut Set of 4. All the squishiness and stackability—now wider. For our friends in the larger circumference department, or for those who want a Learn more.

Default Title. Add to Cart. Let customers speak for us from reviews. Changed sex forever. Happy girl AND happy boy! Tommy Dott. Pain isn't always gain. Karlee Erin. Pleasure again. It was very comfortable and pleasurable for me and my husband.

Deborah Ellison. Worked as intended. Chelsea Bevins-Caldwell. Addition to our toy box. Got the wider Ohnut. Slides on smooth. Snug but not tight fit. Matthew Tyler. Sarah T. Jessica Waage. Completely changed my sex life! Worked like a charm!