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The Ford Focus Mk 2 is an automobile which was produced by Ford from to It was launched at the Paris Motor Show on September 25, as a three and five-door hatchback and an estate, although the new car was previewed, in 4-door saloon form, as the 'Focus Concept' developed by Ford Europe at the Beijing Motor Show in mid Ford calls this platform sharing programme "Global Shared Technologies". The same body styles as the Mk 1 Focus were offered, though the saloon did not appear until mid The Focus Mk 2 is much larger and considerably heavier than its predecessor with a 25 mm 1 in increase in wheelbase  mm 6.

It is 8 mm 0. As a result, the interior and boot space have increased. New technologies include a KeyFree system, a solar-reflect windshield, adaptive front lighting, Bluetooth hands-free phones and voice control for audio, telephone and climate control systems. It also features either a Durashift 6-speed manual, Durashift 4-speed automatic transmissionthe all-new Durashift advanced manual transmission or just the standard manual.

The perceived build quality and finish of the interior was another important step up from the Mk 1 - an area where the original car was criticized in comparison to the Volkswagen Golf Mk4 which had defined a much higher standard for the class overall. As a consequence, the Mk 2 featured a padded, soft feel dashboard, damped action for the glovebox, interior grab handles, chrome finish interior door handles, more positive action switchgear, and with better attention paid to material quality and overall finish compared to the Mk 1.

Stylistically, the Mk 2's styling features the same design language found in the Mondeo and Fiesta. Although still recognisable as a Focus the new car uses styling features from the abandoned B-Proposal for the original Focus which never reached production.

However shortly after launch, Ford New Zealand surrendered its supply to satisfy Australia's high demand, and now receives vehicles from the German factory in Saarlouis. In the Mk 2 made its debut in the Americas with its launch on the Mexican market as the 4-door saloon or the sporty 3-door in ST trim. In Argentinathe Mk 1 Focus was built alongside the Mk 2 in the Pacheco Factory untiland was discontinued inwhen the Mk 2 finally replaced it.

In the U. Sales of the coupe model have been only a small fraction of the previous 3-door hatchback, despite rising sales of the Focus saloon and compact cars in general. The engine line up for the Mk 2 is a mixture of old and new. The 1. For the South African market, the 1. For the facelift it was replaced by the 1. The Duratorq Diesel engine in 'Tiger' Duratorq 1. The main trim levels of the pre-facelift Focus Mk 2 in the United Kingdom are listed below. For other countries, the range is either a cut down version of this list e.

From SeptemberFord revised the standard trim specifications slightly, to allow for the introduction of further options called X-Packs. It is available as a five-door hatchback or four-door saloon. Engines are 1. Sales began in the United Kingdom in February Changes include:. Late saw the introduction of the 'Zetec S' trim, adding a body kit of front and rear spoilers, side skirts and the large roof spoiler from the ST.

It includes aluminium pedals, a silver hand brake cover, and an optional WRC pack which adds flag decals and WRC scuff plates. Prices were similar if not identical to that of the pre-facelift Focus Prices being at least £ more, the price of stability control as an option on the previous model, now included as standard. This was as its lead at the top of the British car sales charts was cut, by the Vauxhall Astra in the previous years. Ford collaborated with singer and Strictly Come Dancing Winner Alesha Dixon in January to create an exclusive special edition remix and video to celebrate the launch of the new Ford Focus.

In Ford unveiled a hot hatch version of the Mk 2 Focus. Called Focus STand available in either three or five-door hatchback variant, the car uses the Volvo Modular enginea turbocharged 2. Ford however rebadged it as the Ford Duratec STapplied variable valve timing to both camshafts, applied a lighter flywheel and performed a throttle recalibration. In Ford, in conjunction with Mountune Racingunveiled a power upgrade kit which raises the power output to  bhp  kW.

Although the platform is the same, no saloon version was ever released. The Focus Coupé-Cabrioleta two-piece retractable hardtopwas introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in February and went on sale in October Originally it was previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Pininfarina performs final assembly. Notably however, unlike the generic Focus models, the side and rear body panels were not changed, and neither were the door mirrors upgraded to the new-style units, as on the rest of the new Focus models.

Nor were bodyside mouldings removed, as with the rest of the Focus range. Some press outlets had expected such changes in line with the rest of the range. The Focus X Roada Focus Wagon with crossover look which featured a new body kit consisting of revised front and rear bumpers with a matching black finish on the doors and side panels, was introduced at the AutoRAI Amsterdam in April The X Road was only available in The Netherlands with 1.

The press release also notes that a concept version of the RS is due in mid When Ford completed the production run of the Mk I, Ford of Britain 's managing director Paul Thomas said "We always knew Focus RS would be a sales winner, but we could never have predicted its fantastic reception and the effect it had in re-igniting passion for the Ford RS brand.

The RS uses a modified Volvo -engineered 2, cc 2. A larger BorgWarner K16 turbo now delivers up to A new air-to-air intercooler has been developed as a complement, while the forged crankshaftsilicon-aluminum pistons, graphite-coated cylinder bores, a compression ratio of 8. The car remains front wheel drive, but to reduce torque steer uses a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing LSD, and a specially designed MacPherson strut suspension at the front called RevoKnuckle[16] which provides a lower scrub radius and kingpin offset than traditional designs while avoiding the increased weight and complexity of double wishbone and multi-link suspension setups.

At the rear a large venturi tunnel [20] and a dramatic rear spoiler create a purposeful look. The Focus RS was launched in April A limited production run of units of them for Britain were produced. It has a turbocharged 2. The new model was given the RS designation to highlight its strictly limited production run of individually numbered vehicles, all of which were offered for customers to purchase. Each RS carries a metal plaque on the centre console, hand-engraved with a unique identification number from to The changes include a significantly larger air-to-air intercooler to deliver a cooler, denser charge; a larger air filter box for increased airflow; larger diameter exhaust downpipe; and an uprated fuel pump, along with an updated software calibration to optimise the performance of the revised engine.

All Focus RS vehicles will be painted in a standard Panther Black metallic colour, before being shipped to a dedicated 3M facility near Frankfurt, Germany, where a special film will be applied to the bodywork to create the matte black effect. A prototype Focus battery electric vehicle was demonstrated in August The variant, sometimes known as the "Focus EV". Like all contemporary World Rally Cars, the car is heavily modified from the production version, with which it shares only the basic shape and some parts of the bodyshell.

The car features four wheel driverather than the front wheel drive of the road car. As with most rally cars, the 2. From the last rally of the seasonFord campaigned a brand new model, the Focus RS WRC 06, following the launch of the new road-going version of the car.

The engine chosen for this Focus was a Duratec motor developed by the French engine specialist Pipo Moteur. The Focus RS WRC 07 is based on the model, and according to Ford's technical director Christian Loriaux "the changes on the new car are mainly to save weight and to improve efficiency, driveability and performance at the bottom end of the range.

It later made history at the Swedish Rally when Jari-Matti Latvala used the car to become youngest-ever driver to win a world rally. This is the first time Hirvonen and Latvala have driven the 08 car with the new front styling. Only models sold in Continental Europe and the British Isles are shown, overseas territories often have different offerings.

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