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Quick Links. See also: Infotainment ManualUser Manual. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. Opel Zafira User Manual  pages. Page 4: Introduction Introduction Introduction Page 5: Using This Manual "Service prices. Experienced mechanics performed. Page 6 3 means "see page". Disregarding this information may endanger life. Page 7 Introduction Page 8: In Brief In brief In brief Vehicle unlocking Electronic key Radio remote control Initial drive information When in possession of the electronic key, simply pulling the door handle will unlock the vehicle and open the Press button q to unlock and open door.

Do not lean on seat Lever pumping motion when adjusting. Page Head Restraint Adjustment In brief Head restraint adjustment Seat belt Seat inclination Pull lever, adjust inclination by Press release button, adjust height, Pull out the seat belt and engage in shifting body weight.

Release lever engage. The seat belt must not be and audibly engage seat in position. Page Mirror Adjustment In brief Mirror adjustment Steering wheel adjustment Exterior mirrors adjustment Interior mirror adjustment Select the relevant exterior mirror and Unlock lever, adjust steering wheel, adjust. Do not adjust steering Electric adjustment 3 38, Convex reduce dazzle. Page 12 In brief Instrument panel overview Page 13 In brief Light switch Page 14 In brief Press j.

Hazard warning flashers 3 Page Climate Control In brief Climate control Windscreen and headlight Rear window wiper and washer washer systems systems Heated rear window, heated exterior mirrors Pull lever. Apply as firmly as possible on a downhill slope or uphill slope.

Depress the foot brake at the same time to reduce operating force. Page Seats In Second Row In brief Notable features Seats in second row Adjust backrests of outboard seats 9 Warning Push the release lever down, adjust inclination, release the lever and When the row of seats or the engage the backrest.

Page Seats In Third Row In brief Seats in third row Guide the seat belts through the belt From the luggage compartment, pull holders and insert the latch plates in up the seat by the handle. Page 24 In brief Swivel the seat rearward until it is From the luggage compartment, Storing seats upright and audibly engages.

Support press the button on the top of the Remove the load compartment cover the top of the backrest with your hand. Page Natural Gas Operation In brief Tyre pressure monitoring Adaptive Forward Lighting Natural gas operation system The system improves lighting of This specially developed engine is curves and increases the headlight designed for the use of natural gas A pressure sensor is integrated in range.

Page Diesel Particle Filter In brief Diesel particle filter The diesel particle filter system filters harmful soot particles out of the exhaust gases. The system includes a self-cleaning function that runs automatically during driving. The filter is cleaned by burning off the soot particles at high temperature.

This process takes place automatically under set driving conditions and may take up to 25 minutes. The radio remote control will be synchronised when you switch on the ignition. Memorised settings Whenever the vehicle is locked the last settings are automatically saved specifically for the used key Control indicator 0 3 Note Do not put the electronic key in the load compartment or in front of the Page 33 Keys, doors and windows Replacing battery in electronic The emergency key can only lock or Hold the electronic key at the marked unlock the driver's door.

On vehicles button. Replace the battery as soon as the with anti-theft alarm system, the To switch off the engine, press the Page 35 Keys, doors and windows Electronic key Radio remote control Touch the sensor field in the door handle of one of the front doors.

The electronic key must be outside the vehicle, within a range of approx. The other electronic key must not be inside the vehicle. Close the driver's door, open the passenger door, press central locking The LED in the button m illuminates button m. The vehicle is locked. Page Doors Keys, doors and windows Doors Child locks Note The installation of certain heavy accessories onto the tailgate may Load compartment affect its ability to remain open. Opening Closing 9 Warning Use the child locks whenever children are occupying the rear Press the button underneath the Use the interior handle.

Page Vehicle Security Keys, doors and windows Vehicle security Activating with the radio remote Activating with the electronic control Anti-theft locking system 9 Warning Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked from the inside. Page 39 Keys, doors and windows It monitors: Activation without monitoring of 1. Close load compartment, bonnet and windows. Press button b. Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Exterior mirrors During the first 10 seconds of anti- The alarm siren can be silenced by theft alarm system activation: pressing a button of the radio remote control or by switching on the ignition.

Page 41 Keys, doors and windows Folding Heated Electric folding Press the n button and both exterior For pedestrian safety, the exterior Operated by pressing the Ü button. Page Interior Mirrors Keys, doors and windows Interior mirrors Windows Automatic anti-dazzle Manual anti-dazzle Windscreen Heat-reflecting windscreen The heat-reflecting windscreen has a coating which reflects solar radiation. Also data signals, e. Dazzle from following vehicles at night is automatically reduced.

To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on the underside of the mirror housing. Page Power Windows Keys, doors and windows Windscreen stickers Operate the control to open or close Keep a close watch on the the window. Do not attach stickers such as toll windows when closing them. Page 44 Keys, doors and windows Child safety system for rear Radio remote control Electronic key windows Press q or p until all windows have To close, touch the sensor field in the opened or closed. If the windows cannot be opened or Heating functions with the engine Moonroof closed automatically, activate the running and is switched off window electronics as follows: automatically after a short time.

Do not affix any stickers to the middle 1. Airbag system Page Active Head Restraints Seats, restraints Active head restraints Head restraints without release Removing button Press the catches and pull up the In the event of a rear-end impact, the Pull the head restraint upwards or head restraint. Page 49 Seats, restraints Seat positioning Seat backrests Seat height Pull handle, slide seat, release Turn handwheel. Do not lean on Lever pumping motion handle.

Page 50 Seats, restraints Seat inclination Lumbar support Adjustable thigh support Pull lever, adjust inclination by Turn handwheel. Do not lean on Press the button and slide the thigh shifting body weight. Release lever backrest when adjusting.

Adjust heating to the desired setting against resistance and fold down. The armrest can be moved to Raise release lever, fold backrest The control indicator in the button Page Rear Seats Seats, restraints Rear seats Folding seat row and sliding forwards Second row seats Remove the luggage compartment cover as required 3 When the row of seats or the backrests are being adjusted, keep hands away from the hinge area.

Page 53 Seats, restraints release lever 1 to swivel the seat Place seat belt buckles in seat 9 Warning cushion downwards. All positions cushion pockets. Press the release lever down, set the Only drive the vehicle if the backrest to a vertical position or backrests are securely locked into Adjust backrests of outboard angled forward or fold it to the seat Page Third Row Seats Seats, restraints Third row seats Pull the handle on the back, set the backrest to a vertical position or fold to the seat cushion and engage.

When the seats are being set up or folded, keep hands away from hinge area. Page 55 Seats, restraints Slide the seat rearwards until it is upright and audibly engages. Support the top of the backrest with your hand. Slide the second seat row to the required position and engage.

Seat belts 3 Stow the load compartment cover by installing it behind the third row of seats 3 Page Seat Belts Seats, restraints Seat belts From the load compartment, press Seat belts are only designed for use the button on the top of the backrest by one person at a time. Child and lower the backrest. Using the restraint system 3 Page Three-Point Seat Belt Seats, restraints Belt tensioners Triggered belt tensioners must be Withdraw belt from retractor, guide it replaced by a workshop. Belt untwisted across the body and insert tensioners can only be triggered the latch plate in the buckle.

Tension once. Page 58 Seats, restraints Height adjustment Removing Seat belts in the third row 1. Pull belt out slightly. To release belt, press red button on Open the cover in the floor between belt buckle. Page 59 Seats, restraints Reel the belt in and fasten the hook to the magnetic holder. To hinge the seat belt, remove hook from magnetic holder, push spring- loaded tab of hook and attach to seat belt eye in floor of vehicle.

Over Browse Car Specifications Zafira A Versions - 1. Opel Zafira A 1. Show more Images Compare with another car. With a fuel consumption of 7. This engine produces a maximum power of PS 99 bhp - 74 kW at rpm and a maximum torque of Nm lb. The power is transmitted to the road by the front wheel drive FWD with a 5 speed Manual gearbox. On the topic of chassis details responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the Zafira A has Independent.

For stopping power, the Zafira A 1. The Zafira A model is a car manufactured by Opel, sold new from year untiland available after that as a used car. What engine is in Opel Zafira A 1. The Opel Zafira A 1. How many horsepower hp does a Opel Zafira A 1. How much does a Opel Zafira A 1. What is the top speed of a Opel Zafira A 1. Is Opel Zafira A 1. No, the Opel Zafira A 1.

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