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This chapter describes the C compiler options in alphabetical order. For example, Table A—1 lists all the optimization and performance options. The supported features are detailed in Appendix C, Features of C The C compiler accepts a list of C source files and object files contained in the list of files specified by filenames. The resulting executable code is placed in a. In this case, the code is placed in the file named by the -o option. After linking, the C compiler places the linked files, now in executable code, into a file named a.

When the compiler produces object code for each. Use the option -Y P, dir to change the default directories used for finding libraries. The default library search order can be seen by using the - or -xdryrun option and examining the -Y option of the ld invocation. Options are treated as a single letter or a single letter followed by an argument.

See the getopt 3c man page. This section describes the cc options, arranged alphabetically. These descriptions are also available 0n the cc 1 man page. Use the cc -flags option for a one-line summary of these descriptions. Options noted as being unique to one or more platforms are accepted without error and ignored on all other platforms. Enables verbose mode, showing how command options expand.

Shows each component as it is invoked. Shows each component as it would be invoked, but does not actually execute it. Also shows how command options would expand. Associates name as a predicate with the specified tokens as if by a assert preprocessing directive. Specifies whether bindings of libraries for linking are static or dynamicindicating whether libraries are non-shared or shared, respectively.

This option may be specified multiple times on the command line as a toggle. This option and its argument are passed to ld 1. Prevents the C preprocessor from removing comments, except those on the preprocessing directive lines. Directs the C compiler to suppress linking with ld 1 and to produce a.

You can explicitly name a single object file using the -o option. If you suppress the linking step, you also suppress the removal of the object files. Define a macro with optional arguments as if the macro is defined by a define preprocessing directive. You should not use this option. For a complete list of obsolete options, see Obsolete Options. This option is silently ignored on x86 platforms. Runs the source file through the preprocessor only and sends the output to stdout.

Includes the preprocessor line numbering information. See also the description of the -P option. The prefix is also attached to warnings that are converted to errors by -errwarn. Limits the warnings from header files to the group of header files indicated by the flags in the following table:. This command suppresses C compiler warning messages and has no effect on error messages.

This option applies to all warning messages regardless of whether they have been designated by -errwarn to cause a non-zero exit status. The following table lists the -erroff values. Only warning messages from the C compiler front-end that display a tag when the -errtags option is used can be suppressed with the -erroff option. You can achieve finer control over error message suppression.

Use this option to control how much detail is in the error message produced by the compiler when it discovers a type mismatch. This option is particularly useful when the compiler discovers a type mismatch that involves a large aggregate.

Displays the message tag for each warning message of the C compiler front-end that can be suppressed with the -erroff option or made a fatal error with the -errwarn option. Messages from the C compiler driver and other components of the C compilation system do not have error tags, and cannot be suppressed with -erroff and made fatal with -errwarn. Use the -errwarn option to cause the C compiler to exit with a failure status for the given warning messages.

The warning messages generated by the C compiler change from release to release as the compiler error checking improves and features are added. Only warning messages from the C compiler front-end that display a tag when the -errtags option is used can be specified with the -errwarn option to cause the C compiler to exit with a failure status.

This option is a macro that can be effectively used as a starting point for tuning an executable for maximum runtime performance. The -fast option macro can change from one release of the compiler to the next and expands to options that are target platform specific. Use the - option or -xdryrun to examine the expansion of -fastand incorporate the appropriate options of -fast into the ongoing process of tuning the executable.

The expansion of -fast includes the -xlibmopt option, which enables the compiler to use a library of optimized math routines. For more information, see -xlibmopt. The -fast option impacts the value of errno. See Preserving the Value of errno for more information. Modules that are compiled with -fast must also be linked with -fast. For a complete list of all compiler options that must be specified at both compile time and at link time, see Compile-Time and Link-Time Options.

The —fast option is unsuitable for programs intended to run on a different target than the compilation machine. In such cases, follow -fast with the appropriate -xtarget option. For example:. With -xlibmilexceptions cannot be noted by setting errno or calling matherr 3m. The —fast option is unsuitable for programs that require strict conformance to the IEEE Standard. See the description of the specific option for details.

The -fast flag acts like a macro expansion on the command line. Therefore, you can override the optimization level and code generation option aspects by following -fast with the desired optimization level or code generation option. Compiling with the -fast -xO4 pair is like compiling with the -xO2 -xO4 pair. The latter specification takes precedence.

Do not use this option for programs that depend on IEEE standard exception handling; you can get different numerical results, premature program termination, or unexpected SIGFPE signals. To see the actual expansion of —fast on a running platform, use the following command:. The following table lists acceptable values for v. To get standard conforming behavior, you must recompile old code with the current compiler. The typeof operator can be especially useful in macro definitions, where arguments may be of arbitrary type.

Prints a brief summary of each available compiler option. Enables automatic generation of floating-point fused multiply-add instructions. The compiler marks the binary program if fused multiply-add instructions are generated in order to prevent the program from executing on platforms that do not support fused multiply-add instructions. Fused multiply-add instructions eliminate the intermediate rounding step between the multiply and add.

For x86 platforms, this option selects SSE flush-to-zero mode and, where available, denormals-are-zero mode, which causes subnormal results to be flushed to zero, and, where available, this option also causes subnormal operands to be treated as zero. This option has no effect on traditional x86 floating-point operations that do not utilize the SSE or SSE2 instruction set.

It also causes subnormal operands to be replaced silently by zero. On those SPARC systems that do not support gradual underflow and subnormal numbers in hardware, use of this option can significantly improve the performance of some programs. When nonstandard mode is enabled, floating point arithmetic may produce results that do not conform to the requirements of the IEEE standard. See the Numerical Computation Guide for more information.

Initializes the rounding-precision mode bits in the Floating-point Control Word to single 24 bitsdouble 53 bitsor extended 64 bitsrespectively. The default floating-point rounding-precision mode is extended. Note that on x86, only the precision, not exponent, range is affected by the setting of floating-point rounding precision mode. Sets the IEEE rounding mode that is established at runtime during the program initialization.

When r is tozeronegativeor positivethis flag sets the rounding direction mode to round-to-zero, round-to-negative-infinity, or round-to-positive-infinity respectively when a program begins execution. When r is nearest or the -fround flag is not used, the rounding direction mode is not altered from its initial value round-to-nearest by default. Enables the optimizer to make simplifying assumptions concerning floating-point arithmetic.

Computations producing no visible result other than potential floating-point exceptions may be deleted. In particular, a floating-point computation cannot be replaced by one that produces different results with rounding modes held constant at runtime. Use -fsingle when specifying -Xs or -Xt to cause the compiler to evaluate float expressions as single precision. Due to rounding and truncation, the results might be different from those that are generated from the register value.

This is the default mode. If you specify more than one value, the list is processed sequentially from left to right. For example, the following statement generates this condition:. This option is effective only if used when compiling the main program.

Be cautious when using this option.

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