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Vissza Kategória: autó felszerelések, extrák, butik. Nettó ár: 10  Ft Áfa tartalom: 2  Ft. Eb­ből a ter­mék­ből je­len­leg nem kí­ná­lunk egyéb be­so­ro­lá­sú al­kat­részt. Ez az alkatrész bizonyos évjáratú autótípusokhozilletve Suzuki márkákhoz köthető. A szállítási díj bruttó Ft. Ez a díj nagyméretű vagy túlsúlyos termékekre nem vonatkozik, így ezeknél a vásárlás összegétől függetlenül felszámításra kerül a szállítási díj, ami termékenként eltérő lehet.

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A web­ol­dal­ra vissza­lá­to­gat­va a bön­gé­sző el­kül­di az adott web­ol­dal­lal kap­cso­la­tos sü­ti­ket. Ez le­he­tő­vé te­szi a web­ol­dal szá­má­ra, hogy sze­mély­re sza­bott in­for­má­ci­ó­kat nyújt­son. A sü­tik csak az Ön ál­tal hasz­nált bön­gé­sző­ben ér­vé­nye­sek és azok nem fér­het­nek hoz­zá a szá­mí­tó­gé­pen tá­rolt fáj­lok­hoz. To­váb­bi in­for­má­ci­ót az Adat­ke­ze­lés me­nü­pont alatt ol­vas­hat.

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Also See for S-Cross   Manual - pages. Quick Links. See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Table of  Contents. Previous  Page. Next  Page. It contains Modifica- instructions carefully. Page 11 3 Maruti Suzuki Warranty Obligation: Any vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by If any defect s should be found in a Maruti Suzuki vehicle within Maruti Suzuki have been used. The method of examination for deciding the warranty of the parts will be at the sole discretion of Maruti Suzuki and autho- rised Maruti Suzuki workshop and results of the examination Maruti Suzuki offers the Emission Warranty on all Maruti Suzuki will be final and binding.

Page 14 8. Fuel Tank and Filler Cap. In the absence of valid PUC certificate. Vehicle not serviced from authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop Oil Filler Cap. Page 18 50 ppm parts per mil- alcohol while refueling. If fuel is lion.

Fuels containing alco- diesel fuel conformable to EN Do not hol can cause paint damage, which is Ask your authorised safe place. EXAMPLE When all the doors are closed and if the keyless push start remote controller is left in the trunk, the tail gate will be automati- cally unlatched.

Your vehicle is equipped with either a key- ing the unlatch switch 1have the vehicle less push start system remote controller Maruti Suzuki workshop or use the setting mode of the information display. Insert the battery all the way into the holder. Page 33 Ask your authorised remote controller or request switch to Maruti Suzuki workshop to inspect the unlock the doors when the security sys- system. Using a key instead will trigger the alarm. In this condition, the window when closing it.

The seat or seatback could move unex- pectedly, causing loss of control. Seat height adjustment lever 3 if equipped Pull the lever up to raise the seat. After adjustment, try to move the seatback forward and rearward to ensure that it is securely latched. Page 49 80JC if damage to the assembly is not obvious. Page 50 lap belts or the lap portion of lap- If you install a child restraint system Children could be endangered in a shoulder belts.

CAUTION After installation, try moving the child Adjust the height of the rear head restraint system in all directions especially restraint or remove it for fitting the forward to check that connecting bars are Use When installing a child restraint sys- and the seatback. Page 54 Incorrectly attached top tether strap will reduce the intended effectiveness of the NOTE: child restraint system.

Whenever you carry children up to 12 years of age, properly use the child restraints which conform to AISthe standard for child restraints, referring to the table. Page 57 The wires are wrapped with yellow tape or yellow tubing, and the couplers are yellow. When scrapping your Vehicle, ask your authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop body repair shop, or scrap yard for assistance.

Please read and follow all these instructions carefully to minimize your risk of severe injury or death in the event of a collision. Be erly. Have the air bag system inspected by aware that no system can prevent all pos- an authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop as sible injuries that may occur in an accident.

Page 63 To prevent damage or unintended inflation rised Maruti Suzuki workshop to ensure of the air bag system, be sure the battery that is work properly. Speedometer 2. Tachometer 3. Fuel gauge 4. Temperature gauge 5. Information display 6. Stop in a only while vehicle rior buzzer; only while safe place and close the door or tailgate properly.

Press the engine switch to start the engine. Page 75 Also, the vehicle battery voltage may be decreased. If this message is displayed even if you start the engine with normal voltage of the vehicle battery, have your vehicle inspected by an authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop. Turn them off. Page 78 There may be a problem with the fuel filter. Page 79 Beep one time from interior There is a possibility to have water in the buzzer fuel filter. Have your vehicle inspected by an autho- rised Maruti Suzuki workshop.

Page 81 1 Pull off the road and stop carefully. OFF by pressing the engine switch and then start the engine again. Have both systems inspected by an autho- rised Maruti Suzuki workshop. Page 83 NOTE: tem. Bring the vehicle to your authorised The activation point of this light varies Maruti Suzuki workshop to have the dam- depending on road conditions for exam- age fixed.

Page 84 If this light comes on while driving, the power steering system may not work prop- erly. Have the system inspected by your authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop. Master Warning Indicator Light 60A 50G If the coolant temperature is cool enough, This indicator comes on when headlight this light comes on when the ignition switch main beams high beams are turned on. Front position lights, tail lights, license steering wheel. When the high beams main beams are on, a light on the instrument panel will come on.

Please contact an authorised are on. Maruti Suzuki workshop if you want the 64MS function reprogrammed. Page Hazard Warning Switch All turn sig- and its indicator 1 to 4 times. Please ask 57L nal lights and both turn signal indicators an authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop for will flash simultaneously. To turn off the the customization. Page 95 — There were already raindrops on the setting as follows. You should remove customization. Type A An indicator light will be lit when the defog- ger is on.

Page Maruti Suzuki workshop. Page Contact explanation in this section. Try again after buzzers. Page Ask your the starter system can be damaged. Always let the engine idle will appear on the information display in details. Please contact an authorised 3 Perform above engine starting proce- the clutch pedal. Hold the clutch and Maruti Suzuki workshop for the customi- dure to start the engine. Page The electronic control system monitors should have the system inspected by an driving condition such as vehicle speed authorised Maruti Suzuki workshop.

Changing to a higher gear position is recom- not be relieved from the duty of care mended. When maintain a steady speed without keeping the cruise indicator light 5 comes on, your foot on the accelerator pedal. Page Have your vehicle inspected by Trailer mode an authorised Maruti Suzuki The rear corner and rear center sensors workshop.

Use this mode when towing a trailer. Page 1 Object working properly after checking the above, have the system inspected by an authorised 2 Actual distance Maruti Suzuki workshop as soon as 3 Distance on the display possible.

When there is an uphill incline behind the vehicle, the object shown on the display appears farther away than the actual dis- tance. Page ABS system. It is especially important to observe the following precautions during the first km of vehicle operation. Apply the brakes far enough ahead of the stopping point to allow for the extra stopping dis- tance.

Be dangerous and wastes fuel. For that, observe the follow- ing. Do not smoke when refueling, and make sure there are no open flames or sparks in the area. Put the prop rod To avoid injury, be sure no part of the back to the holding clip. The heat may distort them. Use this stowage to keep small articles. To close it, push the lid until it latches You can open the lid 1 by pressing the securely. Always close the lid after usage.