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The Mazda 6 isn't just the prettiest family sedan, it's also more enjoyable to drive and ride in than most of its peers. While the Mazda isn't as flawless as the Honda Accord or as fresh as the Hyundai Sonatait definitely delivers a more expensive-feeling experience than either of those top-flight alternatives.

Neither its 2. We wish Mazda would make the car's fanciest features available across the board, but even the lower end of the lineup has a host of standard driver assists and popular technology. Although the Mazda 6 isn't perfect, it's one of the classiest entries in this class of family-oriented four-doors and an Editors' Choice winner.

The Mazda 6 benefits from the addition of a few new features and an appearance package called the Carbon Edition. The latter inherits all the equipment of the Grand Touring Reserve trim and wears a Polymetal Gray paint color, black exterior accents, and a set of dark inch wheels. The theme continues inside with black trim pieces and red leather upholstery with gray stitching.

Mazda also retuned the 6's turbocharged engine to make an extra 10 pound-feet of torque for totalbut you'll need to run octane fuel to achieve that. Lastly, the Signature model adds rear automated emergency braking and a driver-attention monitor. The Grand Touring is the least expensive way to get the hp turbocharged engine, which helps the 6 feel more like a proper sports sedan than the base four-cylinder ever could. It also comes with several upgrades over the less-grand Touring model, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel with shift paddles, a Bose audio system, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, wireless Apple CarPlay capability, and more.

The trim level's lack of options makes the build process easy. The only other thing you'll need to select is the paint color. And may we say that the 6 looks especially attractive wearing Mazda's signature Soul Red Crystal metallic? Unlike most mid-size alternatives, the Mazda 6 does not offer a hybrid option. Mazda does provide a choice of two responsive 2. The standard engine makes horsepower, while the available turbocharged engine generates up to horsepower.

The turbo 2. Every engine pairs with an excellent six-speed automatic transmission that's proficient at finding the right gear, whether downshifting for extra oomph or upshifting for steady cruising. The Mazda 6 offers above-average driving satisfaction for a family sedan, with a fluidity to its controls and handling that is uncommon at any price. And Mazda manages to provide the thrills without sacrificing refinement or ride quality. In our testing, the top-of-the-line Signature model had less absolute grip and longer braking distances than the model.

Chalk this up, at least in part, to the new tires it wore, which the company fitted to help reduce tire noise. None of this can diminish how well the Mazda 6 drives and rides, especially considering how quiet the cabin is. Make no mistake, it's still the most fun-to-drive sedan in this segment.

This sedan should earn 26 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway when equipped with the base four-cylinder, according to the EPA. We don't know yet if the turbocharged version's increased torque rating will affect its fuel economy, but the model had estimates of 23 mpg city and 31 mpg highway.

The model with base engine that we previously tested delivered 37 mpg on that route, a 2-mpg advantage versus its EPA highway rating. Inside, the 6 looks like a much pricier car than it is. The quality of the materials impresses, as does the upscale, mature design and restrained detailing.

Aside from a few minor annoyances with the way some of the controls work, the cabin is first rate and best in class. Surprisingly for a sedan with so sexy a shape, the Mazda 6 is no less practical than other mid-size offerings. In terms of the car's cargo capacity, the six carry-on bags we fit in the trunk and the 17 we fit with the rear seats folded put the Mazda at the head of the segment.

Our only complaint? The rear seats can't be folded from inside the car. You have to pull the seat-release handles in the trunk to accomplish this. Operated primarily by an upscale-feeling control knob on the center console similar to those used by BMW and AudiMazda's infotainment system has the tactility and visual punch to impress. The dashtop display doubles as a touchscreen, albeit one that works only when the car is stationary.

As satisfying and easy as that knob is to use, the menus it commands aren't as intuitive as they could be. Every model includes popular connectivity features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Wireless CarPlay software comes standard starting on the Grand Touring model. The sophisticated sedan also has some standard driver-assistance technology and can be equipped with i-Activsense, Mazda's suite of active safety stuff.

Key safety features include:. Mazda's industry-standard powertrain warranty is class competitive but nothing special. No complimentary scheduled maintenance is offered, which puts the 6 at a disadvantage compared with the Toyota Camrywhich provides two years of coverage, and the Chevrolet Malibuwhich covers the first visit. More Features and Specs.

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